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Philosophy Night Out!

I attended Philosophy Night Out event last week, right after my last mid-term paper which was perfect because I needed the time to relax, rewind and enjoy. The event was held at Wanderlust hotel, I've always been wanting to visit that place because they have really unique rooms!
The Philosophy team has done a really good job decorating the place and making us feel pampered!
We put on a royal blue silky robe and bedroom slippers before entering the first room.

From the success of the award-winning Hope in a Jar daily moisturizer, Philosophy came out with Hope in a Jar Night, an intense night moisturizer that enhances efficacy and promises to make the skin noticeably smoother, soften the lines on our face and restore the natural rosy glow that we have with nightly use. Hope in a Jar Night is the star product of the night, as it is essential for us to look after our skin when we sleep- as important as getting a good night's rest of course!
Two important ingredients present in this moisturizer are glycolic acid which helps to refine the skin and beta-glucan which strengthen skin's natural cellular defence thus giving your skin a coveted healthy glow.
I've been wanting to try a good night time moisturizer for a really long time and I've been religiously using this every night before I sleep (even though I only get 4 hours of sleep everyday thanks to school).
I'll give a full review on this product in a separate blog post next week! So far I have been really loving this product!

The first room was where we could customized our own dreamcatchers! With a constant flow of yummy chocolately snacks such as chocolates, cake pop and macarons, we got down to designing our own dreamcatchers.

For those of you who don't know what dreamcatchers are, they are essentially able to catch your nightmares, giving you a good night sleep. Having a good rest is essential in maintaining your skin's youthful glow!

After making our dreamcatcher, we went into the second room, also known as the Princess room because it was filled with yummy Philosophy products in their upcoming Christmas Home sweet Holiday collection with a really comfortable bed.

The Cookbook: Red Velvet Cake, Fluffy Cupcake, Cinnamon buns and spiced gingerbread cookie shampoo, shower gel and bubble bath ($60, exclusive to Sephora)
Smaller than their regular shower gel, these travel size friendly shower gels in delicious flavors will make you reminiscence of Christmas...and other holidays in general!

Philosophy Shampoo, shower gel and bubble bath in Peppermint Stick, Granny's apple pie, Sweet fluffy cupcake, Raspberry glazed, Old fashioned eggnog, Shortbread cookie, Homemade honey buns, Butter rum cake ($38)
What a better way to unwind and relax during the holiday than to indulge in your favorite Christmas treat scent? I really want to try soaking up in Granny's apple pie and Raspberry Glazed! What is your favorite holiday treat?

Fruitcake mix set ($60)
Comprising of Cranberry medley body lotion, Candied pecan hot salt body scrub and a smaller sized Vanilla cake mix shampoo, shower and bubble bath.
The hot salt body scrub is ideal for scrubbing and getting rid of all the rough dry skin to prep your skin for the holiday parties ahead! A Christmas holiday would definitely not be completed without a traditional Philosophy's case, a scrub, body wash and lotion trio.

Top: The Cookie Exchange set ($60, exclusive to Tangs Orchard)
Consisting of Sweet creamy frosting body lotion, Christmas cookie shower gel and bubble bath and Sugar Sprinkles high-gloss, high flavor lip shine
The perfect gift to sweeten up someone's christmas holiday, Philosophy's The Cookie Exchange set is their version of the christmas tradition of exchanging cookies! You can be sure that you will be indulging most of your senses from head to toe with their luxurious body lotion, lip-smacking Sugar sprinkles gloss and warm buttery Christmas Cookie scent.

Bottom: Philosophy's high-gloss, high flavor lip shine in Old fashion Eggnog, Fresh cream, cheery pinwheel cookie, raspberry glazed ($18)
Spice up your holiday outfit with Philosophy's lip gloss that packs a punch in the flavor department too. The names sounds so lovely and yummy at the same time, not to mention it's really easy to apply too!

Homemade Honey buns shampoo, shower gel and bubble bath ($38)
Part of their christmas collection, these homemade honey bun shower gel will remind you of the warm honey bun on christmas morning!

Think beautiful thoughts set($82)
If you're thinking about trying out Philosophy's skin care without splurging on full size items, this set would be perfect for you! Comes with the Purity made simple 3-in-1 cleanser for face and eyes, Microdelivery triple-acid brightening peel pad, Hope in a Jar high-performance moisturizer for all skin types, Hope is not enough facial firming serum and Eye hope eye cream. With catchy names for the products, Philosophy skin care is formulated with scientifically-proven ingredients to give you the best looking skin of your life.

Sleep is important and because of school/work, all of us are unable to get the desired 8 hours of undisturbed rest. The time where your skin renew cells usually starts at 10pm till 4am so it is best to be well rested during that period of time. A good night cream will aid in your skin's cell renewal and facilitates it even if you don't have the luxury of sleeping for 8 hours.

Ending off the post with a picture of the girls that I met during the event!
The bed at Wanderlust is sooooo comfy, I didn't want to leave at all.

Are you looking forward to Philosophy's Holiday collection to hit the stores as much as I am?

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