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A day in Kyoto!

I know this is a waaaayyy overdue post about my Japan trip in April but I finally got about to uploading some photos so here's a post on one of my favorite day in the entire trip- Kyoto!
We took the shinkansen from Osaka to Kyoto, it took approximately 15 mins only so it was really fast! Had breakfast on the train as usual, bought some bread and matcha latte from the combini at the station. Everything that we ate in Japan taste so good, even random bread in the convenient shops.

Since we are going to Kyoto from Osaka for two days (It definitely wasn't enough!!!), we decided to cover the famous Kiyomizudera, Ginkakuji and Gion district in a day.
The most popular mode of transport in Kyoto is by bus. You can get to most of the temples in central Kyoto by bus so it's really convenient. Best part is, there is a one day ticket that you can get from the station that will allow unlimited bus rides!
If I remembered correctly, bus 100 goes to all the popular tourist attractions such as Kiyomizudera so if you're planning to take the bus from the station, be there super early if not the queue is horrible!
After you alight at the bus stop near Kiyomizudera, you just have the cross the road the walk up the hill to it. See the signboard pointing to Kiyomizudera?

Before heading to the temples, I've decided to rent kimonos for us as I am completely obsessed over the traditional Japanese culture! That being said, I LOVE KYOTO because it is so traditional!
Here's the kimono that I picked out for myself. My hair was done by the hairstylist at the kimono rental shop.

We headed to Kiyomizudera afterwards. It was a long and tiring walk up the slope in our outfits though. I suggest next time if you want to rent kimono and explore Kyoto, don't go to Kiyomizudera in it haha Your feet will thank you for this piece of advice.

We got our tickets! As we went in April, it was the sakura season so the tickets had sakuras on them!

Some of the halls in Kiyomizudera are being renovated so it was quite a bummer but nonetheless, the view from the wooden stage, 13 meters above, was still stunning! It was the end of the cherry blossom season but most of the blossoms have already bloomed so we couldn't see much of them.

The mandatory shot at the Otowa waterfall, located at the base of Kiyomizudera. We queued up to drink from the two of the streams as if you drink from all three, it is considered greedy and you won't get the benefits from the streams. A long paddle is provided for you to fill it up with water and drink from it! It's clean as it gets UV sanitized each time it is placed back on the racks. I've seen people filling up their water bottle with the water from the streams too haha
Each streams represent a different meaning. I'm not sure which refers to which but I'm hoping I drank out of Sucess in school and Fortunate love life :D

Beside the waterfall is Jishu shrine, dedicated to love and matchmaking.

This is one of the stone placed in Jishu shrine. Another similar stone is placed a distance away from this stone and it is said that if you successfully walk from this stone to the next, you will very lucky in finding love.

The path leading down from Kiyomizu, we decided to head to Ginkakuji next even though it was already quite late at about 4pm. Most temple closes at 5pm so usually it's not really worth it if you reach after 4pm as you won't really have much time to explore the place.

The entire street was filled with snacks so we grabbed some food along the way!

ALL THE GREEN TEA ITEMS!!!!! I'm obsessed over green tea. Especially Japanese green tea.

The boy in his guy's kimono which also comprises of the haori and the hakama. He initially didn't want to dress up but I made him do it because I wanted the experience haha We took the bus to Ginkakuji, from the same bus stop that we alighted from.

Here's how the kyoto bus looks like! Not as modernized but very comfortable and the screen in front will state the bus stop name in Japanese and English for tourist to understand! It will also state what attractions are nearby.

Right outside Ginkakuji! Ginkakuji means Silver Temple. There is also the Golden Temple which we visited the next day as it was at the other side of Kyoto. We didn't enter as it was near closing time and we wouldn't have much time to explore the place anyway. I'm looking forward to my next trip back to Kyoto, there's still so many places that I want to explore!

Decided to walk through the Philosopher's Path which is right beside Ginkakuji.
The Philosopher's Path is just a stone path lined with cherry blossom trees and it feels really relaxing to take a stroll there. One of Japan's famous Philosopher practice meditation while walking along this route to Kyoto University. Cafes, smaller temples and shrines can also be found along the path.
Not to mention, bears fishing too!

It was getting late and most of the places are closed with the streets quite deserted (not to mention, freezing cold in our kimono) so we decided to change out of our kimono and get some dinner in Ginza.
Happen to stumble upon this kinda famous okonomiyaki place! Okonomiyaki is one of the must-eat food in Japan, together with ramen and sushi of course!
This Okonomiyaki restaurant is filled with 5 special pretty ladies inside that might accompany you for your meal!
Actually, they are just life size dolls lol.

Was really tired after walking around Kyoto for the entire day! Not to mention, it gets really cold at night and I couldn't wait to get back to our hotel in Osaka.

The Okonomiyaki! If I remembered correctly, it was only one type? But it was really filling and warm! Perfect for the cold weather.

One of the reasons why this place is so famous? Because of this statue right outside haha!

Took a quick stroll around Ginza after dinner, it was really late so we couldn't really see much.

Was hoping to see some Maikos walking about but we didn't spot any! ): This street is said to be pretty famous for seeing Maiko! They are apprentice Geisha and it is very rare to see a Geisha.

We went back to Osaka afterwards, took the Shinkansen back and then the Osaka train lines to Dotonbori hotel that we were staying at.
If you're a huge traditional Japanese culture obsessed person like me, Kyoto would definitely be heaven to you, everything about Kyoto attracts me and I honestly want to go back to Kyoto so badly.
I'll have to make sure that I'll stay in a ryokan next time for the full Kyoto experience! Staying in Ryokan was way over my budget for this trip so I decided to visit Kyoto as a day trip instead.
I would highly suggest checking out kyoto's ryokan if you can! They are traditional japanese rooms with the tatami mats etc.! Just thinking about it is making me excited haha

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