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Dejavu "Keep Style" Mascara review

I'll be honest. I'm not a huge fan of mascaras.
I have legit Asian lashes, meaning that they are short, straight and sparse.
I envy luscious eye lashes! My first eyelash extension experience was a horrible one so I'm just avoiding getting extensions at the moment. So far I have been relying on false lashes but they are really troublesome sometimes!
I'm always on the lookout for a mascara that will do the job of the false lashes but so far, none have come even close to it.

Dejavu recently launch their "Keep Style" Mascara that claims to be the longest lasting curl-up film mascara comparing to their in-house brands.
A film mascara keeps lashes curled upwards all day long, it is oil/water resistant and smudge free!
Not to mention, it also washes away easily with water.

This formula helps to keep lashes curled upwards all day long as it contains an "Artificial Water Polymer" which allows the mascara to have a low-moisture content thus prevents eyelash droop.
Conventional film mascara contains high levels of moisture which gives a soft hold that gives a weaker hold on curls.
Also, the formulation prevents smudging of the mascara which is something that I really hate about mascaras that I used previously, they smudge like crazy giving me "panda eyes" especially in Singapore's humidity.

The unique "Keep Style" brush is composed of both long and short hairs. This allows the brush to catch plenty of film liquid, allowing it to bind firmly to the eyelashes with just a single coating, brushing and coating lashes in one motion.

Left: Naked lashes  Right: With one coat of "Keep Style Mascara"
The difference is quite obvious and it does lengthen my lashes quite a bit!
It still doesn't come close to false eyelashes standards but I'm very impressed with the non-smudging after application of the mascara. After blinking a couple more times, no visible smudges were seen so thumbs up for that!
It does make my lashes look more defined and thicker too.

Would it be something that I would wear often? No, because I would prefer to stick with my false lashes. However, in the event that I want a more natural or simple look, I would apply one coat of this mascara to give my eyes an extra "boost".

Dejavu cosmetics are available at SASA.
Product sponsored to me, all opinions are my own.