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Biore Cleansing oil Cotton Facial Sheet (New formula/package) review

Makeup removal wipes are really handy when it comes to lazy days where you just want to wipe all the makeup off and then go to sleep. Or, if you ran out of cotton pads for the cleansing oil.
Biore recently relaunch their Cleaning oil Cotton Facial Sheet with a new formula and an improved packaging! I was really excited to try this as I've tried the previous Biore cleaning wipes before and....didn't really like it that much to be honest. The previous wipes left my skin feeling sticky after removing my makeup plus, if I didn't close the packaging properly, my wipes will be a little drier than they should be. I want to see if I would love the new formula and packaging as much as my current favorite makeup removal wipes from another brand.

The Biore Cleaning oil Cotton Facial Sheet comes in a new packaging, sort of a pink lightweight container which I really adore because it looks very feminine plus, I could see myself reusing the container for other purpose once I'm done with the wipes! Maybe to store some lipsticks?

Inside the container is the packet of Biore cleaning wipes tightly sealed with 44 sheets of cleaning oil. Once you've used up this packet, there is also a Re-fill packet that you can buy to pop it back into the container! Really easy and convenient to use!

Of course, kind of like how you use wet wipes, you just have to remove the top sealed sticker and take out a piece of cleaning wipe before sticking it back to ensure that the rest of the wipes stay sealed and moisturized before you use it. You can also remove the sticker as the container will ensure that it is air-tight to prevent the sheets from becoming dry!
Overall, the packaging gets a major thumbs up from me but let's see what this new formula can offer!

I'm trying the wipes out with my usual makeup that consist of a bit of eyeliner at the outer corners of my eyes, my "ulzzang" eyebrows, face powder, blush, concealer under my eyes, lipstick and contouring.
The new formula promises speedier makeup removal as there are 20% more cleaning oil in each sheet, it is also more gentle to the skin as you can remove makeup from the eye area with 50% less wiping and it also contains the new Hydrating Beauty Essence that leaves the skin moist and soft with no stickiness. Sounds good to me!

I took out just one cleansing wipe and use half of it to remove the makeup from half of my face.

Indeed, I took lesser time to remove my makeup plus, my eyeliner could be removed more quickly than before! Just half of it is enough to remove the makeup from half of my face. Which means that just one sheet is enough to remove makeup from my entire face and I could use the other side of the sheet for double cleansing to ensure that all traces of makeup are removed!

I would definitely highly recommend this to everyone who uses makeup. Biore also has a smaller packet of makeup removal wipes that is more portable as you can just slip it into your handbag. I carry that around with me when I'm travelling or staying out late at night as it easier to remove my makeup with those! You should definitely check out their new re-formulated wipes, I can assure you, you'll love it as much as I do.

Biore Cotton Sheets are available at major pharmacies and hyper/supermarket.
Biore Cotton Sheets retail for $17.90,
Re-fill pack $15.60,
Handy pack (10 sheet) $3.90.

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