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Etude House Minnie Mouse Blusher/Highlighter review

 photo IMG_9582_zps93d425ea.jpg
I am obsessed with korean cosmetic products.
My top three favorite Korean brands are Etude House, Innisfree and Holika Holika in no particular order.
I also love Minnie Mouse. So imagine my excitement when I found out Etude house has a Minnie Mouse collection!

 photo IMG_9586_zps28b4206d.jpg
I got a couple of things from this collection- the blusher, highlighter and a few nail polishes.
The packaging is adorable! The one on the left is the highlighter while the one on the right is the blusher, as seen on Minnie mouse having blush on her face too.

 photo IMG_9606_zps4d0052e5.jpg
Inside the packaging, the product is AMAZING. Minnie mouse face! Couldn't bear to use it at first because it's just so cute. Korean packaging for cosmetic products are truly the best I've seen.
Not only that, they are reasonably priced as well!
Left- Highlighter with a light pastle purple minnie mouse. There's three different shade of highlighting shimmer from the product.
Right- Blusher with a coral minnie mouse. There's also three different shade of blusher in the product.

 photo IMG_9619_zps575deb4a.jpg
Pigmentation wise it goes on faintly but can be built after a few application. I don't require a strong pigmentation for blusher as it's always wise to start gently and slowly increasing the pigmentation than using a strong blusher. The shades are shown faintly on my hands, there is the light pink-peach shade, a pastel coral shade and a pastel purple shade.
Usually I'll mix the colors together and apply it on the apples of my cheek. It's not very visible in photos but it does give a natural healthy light coral flush to your cheeks in real life.

 photo IMG_9635_zps2dad3674.jpg
I love the highlighter the most because the shimmer is perfect! It defines the features that I want to define without looking too fake. Some highlighters have bigger chunks of glitters which makes your face look like a disco ball after application. You can't really see the swatches of the three different shades though because it's just the shimmers, like I've said it's harder to see in photos but more obvious in real life. There is a pastel purple, pastel pink and white shimmer in the product.
If you're only getting one product from this collection, I would recommend the highlighter!
Run it down your nosebridge, cheekbones and chin to get a more define (and slimmer) face.

I got my friend from Korea to purchase those products for me and ship them over so I'm not sure when the Minnie Mouse collection will be available in Singapore (or if it will be available lol).
However, if you can have access to a korean Etude house or some online shop and you're a huge Minnie fan like me, you definitely have to try this out!