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Etude House A-Z mask review

Being a huge fan of korean cosmetics, I was thrilled when Etude house introduced 27 new masks to their range of products called the A-Z masks. There are 26 letters in the alphabet and the 27th mask is a heart shaped mask.
Each mask has it's own unique feature/ingredients and there are 27 different options for you to choose from to suit your skin's needs!

Here's a short description of the masks that was given to me!

Forming up the word "Love Etude" How cute is that?

Heart shaped mask: Contains 5 berry complex
Blueberry, Acai berry, raspberry, blackberry and strawberry that's full of vitamins to give you a lovely complexion.

Elder Flower mask : Soothing and moisturizing
In Europe's folk remedies, elder flowers are use to sooth irritated skin from stress or the environment.

Tea tree mask: Trouble care
Very popular ingredient used to help clear imperfections especially acne!

Unpolished Rice mask: Firming and nourishing
Unpolished rice contains a lot of nutrients and it also aids in brightening up your complexion!

Dandelion mask: Revitalizing
An unusual ingredient in mask, not the usual tea tree/cucumber but Dandelion is said to help with revitalizing delicate skin with its touch.

On to the application of the mask!
Usually I would apply the mask sheet before I sleep so that my skin can absorb the essence throughout the night or before going for an event to prep my skin and ensure that it is ready, refreshed and brighten!
Recently I had to attend one event so I tried out the Unpolished Rice mask! It has firming and nourishing properties that would ensure my skin is kept supple and face might even look a teeny bit slimmer in photos too!

I love how the mask sheet is not too thin and the essence does not drips excessively. However, some of the essence got to the floor while I was un-folding the mask.
When I removed the mask after 15 mins, my skin felt more hydrated, brighten and looks somewhat smoother! If I was using the mask at night, I would pat the essence on my skin and go to sleep, letting my skin soak up the essence. However, since I was preparing to go out, I gently wipe the remaining essence off with a piece of tissue, pat it onto my skin and then applied my primer and makeup.
I really love Etude House's new range of A-Z mask and 'm looking forward to trying out the rest of it!
It's also very affordable and you can get a couple of it as gifts for your friends...maybe trying forming up their names!

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