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Nivea In-shower body lotion review

I've always been a huge fan of body lotion as I love the moisturizing feeling that my skin will have after applying it. Body creams, body lotions, body butters, whipped butters etc... these are some of the names that body moisturizers have so far. And I've tried them all.
The only downside is that I tend to forget to moisturizing my skin when I'm rushing out because it's such a hassle waiting for the body moisturizers to soak into my skin before I can change into my clothes or it's quite time consuming to lather them up on me.

The new Nivea "In-Shower Body Lotion Conditioner"  gives an entire new way to applying body lotion. As the name states, it is an In-shower body conditioner which means... you use it like how you use your hair conditioner, except on your body instead and on wet skin after your usual shower products. Pretty foolproof. This product promises to be immediately absorbs into the skin, leaving a nourishing and caring coating on the skin's surface to give your skin the moisture it needs. So gone are the days where you need to wait around for your skin to absorb moisturizer after showering, and with no greasy after-feeling, you can slip clothes straight on and carry on your day.

The packaging is really lovely. It's easy to hold, relatively lightweight and the cap is at the bottom which allows the product to go to the opening when placed standing up. This would allow all of the product to be used up easier as oppose to having the opening at the top for body lotions.
There are two versions of this, one for normal skin and another for dry skin.
The one for Dry Skin comes in a blue packaging with additional Almond oil inside to give the skin an extra boost of emollients for the skin to stay supple.
The skin conditioner for Normal skin comes in a white packaging and contains sea minerals. It also has a light powdery floral scent to it which I really love, as in all Nivea products. If you're a regular Nivea user, you would find the scent comforting.

The product itself feels like a body lotion, it comes out in gobs when you squeeze the tub and lathers on smoothly like any other body lotion too. However, since it is an in-shower body lotion, you use it after showering by applying it over your body (or areas you would put body lotion on) and then wash it off. Cleanse - Apply- Rinse- Ready to go. Very simple!

I really love how my skin feels like I've applied body moisturizer after I come out of the shower! You can feel a layer of emollients on your skin but it will get absorb into your skin once you're out of the bathroom. It's very fuss-free and I was able to incorporate this into my shower routine easily. It's definitely great for people who uses body lotion regularly after showering and have a tendency to forget to apply it! If you don't use body lotion after showering on a regular basis, you can still try out this product! It leaves your skin feeling soft and supple, definitely a good feeling once you're out of the shower! One of the perks is not having to wait for the regular body lotion to get absorb into your skin!
We may all have a busy lifestyle, but that doesn't mean we should neglect our skin because of it.
The price is also very affordable too! It retails for $7.90 each for 250ml.
You can check out Nivea Singapore's facebook page too!

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