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NUXE: Nirvanesque Light review

So...I'm hitting my 21st birthday in a few months time. Which means adulthood.
Which also means using more anti-aging products to prevent wrinkles from appearing too soon.
Of course, whenever someone mentions "getting rid of wrinkles" the first thing that pops to our mind would be botox. Botulinum toxin, known as botox, is popular for reducing wrinkles and lifting up the skin to rejuvenate the aging face.
NUXE launched their Nirvanesque line in 2004 with its ground-breaking concept of Floral Neuro-Cosmetics that gives a botanical alternative to botox!

Their recent product from the Nirvanesque line is their Nirvanesque light cream, which has a lighter texture as compared to the current creams already present in the line.
This lighter formula would be suited for day time use with its lighter, satin texture.

NUXE laboratory determined that a pentapeptide called enkephalins were biological targets and molecules of skin relaxation. Thus, they manage to find a plant that contains sufficient amount of pentagalloylglucose(PGG) that destroys the enzymes that would combat the enkyphalins. Sounds pretty confusing with all the big names but hey, I'm a chemistry major and I love all the molecules.

The essential ingredients in this formula are:
Tree Peony Extract- Helps to protect and extend the life of enkephalins. It contains a sufficient amount of neuro-relaxing molecules. It provides a neuro-relaxing action.
Blue Lotus seed, Poppy seed and Althea Root Complex- Helps to diminish skin micro-tensions. It provides a neuro-destressing action.
If the skin is relaxed, the skn is also means that the first expression lines (wrinkles) are smoothed!
Rice Powder and Enantia Chlorantha- Reduce sebum and mattify the skin

NUXE products are also free of mineral oil, does not contain material of animal origin, uses only natural active ingredients and is paraben-free.

It has a smooth satin texture, comes out rather watery with low viscosity.
One thing that I like about this product is that it is easy to blend into the skin, leaving a matte finish. It also has a powdery scent that is not too overpowering.
I use this in my morning skincare routine after cleansing and before I apply anything else on my face.
It is quite ideal as a makeup base too.
You can also use this at night if you don't want to use a thicker cream at night as this product is lightweight! Overall, I really like this product!

Product was sponsored to me.
All opinions are my own.