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Tokyo Day 1!

Meiji Shrine > Harajuku > Shibuya
Manage to squeeze a 4 day trip to Tokyo from Osaka for my Japan trip in April 2013!
The hotel that we got was in Shinjuku so by the time we arrived in Tokyo and settled into the hotel, it was already about 2pm.
Decided to visit Meiji Shrine first because I wanted to get some amulets for the family.
 photo SAM_8960_zpsf493c560.jpg

Meiji shrine is located at Harajuku, right opposite the famous Harajuku street.
It was a long walk to the shrine but the scenery was great as usual. I love the tranquility.

 photo SAM_8961_zpsbd99112c.jpg

 photo SAM_8962_zps1aa865ce.jpg

 photo SAM_8966_zps2b93342c.jpg

Don't really need much explanation, the usual thing to do when you visit temple/shrine.
 photo SAM_8970_zpsd1b6a505.jpg

 photo SAM_8974_zps09558146.jpg

 photo SAM_8976_zpsb4c79590.jpg

Found this really cute heart-shape at the gate!
 photo SAM_8977_zps322116b7.jpg

We headed over to Takeshita Street after, which is also known as the Harajuku street.
People go there to shop but my main purpose is to go there for the crepe!
 photo SAM_8978_zps84bf284f.jpg

 photo SAM_8980_zps5c306c6f.jpg

It's the yummiest crepe ever. Honestly. I'm a huge fan of crepe and this just hits all the right spots.
I got the strawberry with cheesecake crepe, so there's a slice of cheesecake in it and it's sooooo good.
So good that I came back on all the days that I was in Tokyo just to eat this. Not joking.
 photo SAM_8981_zps6bd1bc08.jpg

Of course, they also have a lot of different selections. I'll try all of them eventually!
 photo SAM_8982_zpsce6496c3.jpg

Angels Heart crepe are the best! It's located quite a distance from the entrance but it's worth it.
Plus, there's other crepe shops located at that area too but...just try Angels Heart.
And only Angels Heart.
 photo SAM_8983_zpsba7199a7.jpg

Popped by a Calbee shop to stock up on snacks for souvenirs. I don't really eat chips much but these are good. They have three different type of potatoes!
 photo SAM_8986_zpsba848171.jpg

Also manage to find a super pretty minnie mouse which I bought to hang on my bag!
 photo SAM_8988_zpsea4e553e.jpg

Decided to head to Shibuya for dinner afterwards.
Saw a cute WC shop on the way!
 photo SAM_8990_zps4a13cb83.jpg

Dinner at Genki Sushi!
I know there's an outlet in Singapore too but I couldn't decide on where else to have dinner at so I stuck to my own comfort zone haha
 photo SAM_9003_zps8c012998.jpg

Sushi was amazing, no doubt. It was our first sushi meal in Japan though!
In Osaka, we always go to Ippudo for dinner since it's near the hotel plus it has my favorite Tsukumen. In Tokyo, we finally had more variety for our meals.
This roast pork sushi is superb. I wish they have this in Singapore.
 photo SAM_8992_zps08d41f60.jpg

 photo SAM_8993_zpsff0337b1.jpg

 photo SAM_8994_zps991d3c29.jpg

I honestly tried. I tried to appreciate sea urchin but I really couldn't! I know some people love eating them but I hate the taste of it! I feel like vomiting everytime I put it into my mouth. We ordered the premium grade urchin to try thinking that it might taste better but no, still dislike it.
 photo SAM_8995_zps924529d7.jpg

 photo SAM_8996_zps6af092bf.jpg

I love salmon. Fatty salmon.
 photo SAM_8997_zps9f1f30a9.jpg

 photo SAM_8998_zps5ee905ba.jpg

Fried Octopus! Yummy nonetheless.
 photo SAM_8999_zpsc30d68b9.jpg

Fried potatoes!!
 photo SAM_9000_zps3889a3fa.jpg

Shopped around a little before heading back to Shinjuku to explore that area more since our hotel is there! That conclude day 1 in Tokyo (and the 6th day in Japan I think?)
If you noticed the lack of words for pictures, it's actually 2am and I really want to sleep haha
Going to bed right after finishing this post!

It's 2014 now, trying to clear much of my 2013 posts haha
Have a good year every one! (:
I miss Japan...but looking forward to this year's trip!

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