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FIRM-365 Facial Firming Serum review

I'm a huge fan of products claiming to give you a V-shape face/jawline (mainly due to being into the whole ulzzang trend still,) and lately, I've been using this product to help to achieve that!
It's a firming serum with V-technology that improves skin radiance and makes your skin firmer too!
Not only that, it also comes in this cute pink and white tube that's easy to use and very hygienic.

GoodSKin labs FIRM-365 Facial Firming Serum contains a potent blend of vitamins and nutrients to help boost the skin's natural production of collagen, while peptides and moisturizers help plump skin for a firmer look.
Some of the main ingredients are:
Radiance Cocktail - A blend of pearls and glucosamine to gently slough away dead skin cells for a smoother skin so that you will have smooth and radiant skin
V-technology - Containing CME, photozomes and argireline to kick the skin's natural collagen production into gear while helping to repair and give a more sculpted appearance.
Sodium Hyaluronate, Glycerin and Trehalose - they help the skin absorb water and retain moisture

Their claim of getting a firmer, younger looking skin is clinically proven, with the results showing
•Immediate: 100% of women demonstrated significant improvement in skin radiance
•After 4 Weeks: 89% of women demonstrated a significant improvement in skin firmness
•After 8 weeks: 94% of women demonstrated a significant improvement in skin firmness

The product itself has a pearlizing finish, which means that it's literally looks like melted pearls after you pump it out of the tube. I like how hygienic the product is kept in a tube with a pump, instead of having to scoop it out from a tub. It has a mild minty scent to it and applies smoothly, leaving a shimmering finish which will go away after a while. My skin feels tighten after using this product even though so far, there is no significant progress in getting that V-shaped face that I desired! Maybe it's because I'm only using it for a few days? Nevertheless, it does firms your skin and brighten up the skin which is very ideal for people looking for anti-aging products!

FIRM-365 retails exclusively at all SaSa stores for $68.00

Right now, there is a 365-V pose contest going on!
Calling for 365 FB users to strike a “V” pose just like the model in visual, take a photo and post on Sasa Facebook
FB users will have to “like” SaSa SG Facebook ( before posting their photo
“Posers” can redeem a FIRM-365 sample from any SaSa outlet or at at(
5 lucky “posers” will each win a $200 GSL product hamper & $200 worth of SaSa Gift Certificates
Contest period: 13 Jan to 9 Feb 14
Here's my take on the photo!

Ok I know it's very far off from the visual photo but it's actually very hard to pose with two hands while trying to do a selfie!
Good luck!

Product was sponsored to me,
all opinions are my own.