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My academic decisions

I know I've probably did a post on this before but I just felt the need to do another post again.
Now that I've sort of settled into university life and looking back on the choices that I've made so far....I kinda wish someone would share their experience with me on this.

Many people ask me if I regretted choosing the poly route when I'm in university. I mean, no surprise that NUS has a bigger cohort of JC kids as compared to poly students...I think I can even count the number of poly students with my fingers in my 300+ people cohort! After all, us poly students are at a disadvantage as compared to those from JCs since we have to take up extra modules (also known as bridging modules) because apparently the education system thinks that we didn't cover math/english in poly lol Which is far from the truth because in poly I had to take two math modules which was told to me that it is essential for me to cover it before I can enter university.
(On the plus side, I manage to pass the Qualifying English test so I don't have to take an extra mod for that! It's just essay writing, sort of like GP for JC students I guess but all poly students have to take it when they enter university.)
Sure, it seems like a real hassle for poly students to study in university when we don't have all the A level notes to back us up or the A level certificate to allow us to skip basic bridging modules.
But to be honest, I've never regretted going to polytechnic instead of a JC.
I may complain about the unfairness every once in a while but you have to understand this.
I truly believe that experiences are worth more than grades.
In my three years of poly, I have achieved so much more than I have ever dared to imagine for my life.
I wasn't a straight A student in secondary school, as mentioned in my past blog posts, I'm the kind of student that sleeps in class, gets average grades and goes shopping or hang out with my friends after school. I can never understand how some people can make studies their priorities and have no life outside of the textbooks!
I felt suffocated in secondary school, I had to study things I'm not interested in and it was horrible.
After graduating from secondary school, I made the choice to pursue my interest in cosmetic science. I love playing around with my mom's makeup and I am really interested in the formulation of all the products! Diploma in Perfumery and Cosmetic Science felt like heaven-sent and I immediately put that as my first choice once I saw that that course was offered.
It was one of the best decisions that I've made.
Looking back at those three years, I've manage to confirm my career/academic path, did formulations of skincare products and perfumes, found a best friend who shares the same interest as me, win some awards that I'm really proud of and lastly, traveled alone in a foreign country....and did a few weeks of study at Oxford University (Department of Chemistry).

Am I regretting all of these? Being alone in another country can be quite lonely but I'm so thankful for my family and friends that constantly texts/emails me to tell me about their day. Not to mention, all the lecturers that helped me clarify my doubts and for being so supportive of me!

I also got to visit Oxford University Museum of Natural History! My Darwin and Evolution lecture covered this today and I was just so excited because I've been there! Is it weird that I like to go to museums? An experience I never thought I'll be proud of haha

Not to mention, climbing the highest tower in Oxford and getting a really good profile picture while I'm at it. No edit, no filter...just natural lighting. See what amazing things going oversea for studies can give?

And doing what I love best of all...Organic Chemistry. All the samples that I need to run column, TLC, NMR etc... I loved every moment of it.

Fast forward to university life now.
I'm currently pursuing Chemistry at NUS, I see most of my ex-classmates either working or travelling and I'm envious of them but I know that this is the path that I want to take. Initially I didn't want to do my university studies because there was an even better internship opportunity but I guess you'll never know what's going to happen in the future so I'm ensuring that I'll have a university certificate as a back up just in case. I also work part time whenever I can even though it is quite hard because being in university has kept me so busy!
However that doesn't mean that I've stop doing what I love just because I'm studying again. I am in the Science Bash Committee this year so that means I get to plan all the photoshoots for the contestants! I'm super excited to work with different people again, this time round with me being backstage giving directions instead of in front of the camera.
I'm still not sure of what I'll do after graduating from NUS but I still have a few years to think it through...I wish I had a senior that pursued the same route as me but so far I'm the only one that I know going after that particular dream of mine.

I'm interested in the beauty industry and I'm also very VERY thankful to Nuffnang for giving me countless opportunities to attend beauty related events where I can gain more knowledge! And also to all the other companies that invites me to their product launches, to try out their new products etc. You have no idea how happy I am when I'm around cosmetics. It's my calling (:

I really urge my juniors to go for what you love, believe in yourself and let everything else fall into place. Some things may not go smoothly initially but at the end, everything will get better and you'll be left with the memories of it all. Time waits for nobody so don't regret not grabbing an opportunity when you can! Live your life the way you want it to be and if anyone puts you down, remember that it's YOUR life, not theirs.
Only YOU have the power to make yourself happy.
Life is too short to hate on other people's life when you can be living your own.