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My favorite lipsticks!

My taste in lipstick changes every once in a while depending on my mood and what I feel like wearing out. On most days I tend to just stick to lipbalm (Innisfree Calona honey lip balm is really yummy!), on some days I use a tinted lip butter (Maybelline Color Whisper in Lust for Blush) while on certain days where I feel like dressing up a little more...I'll dig into my lipstick collection and see who I'd fancy.

Recently I find myself leaning towards these lipsticks and I am really enjoying using them on different occasions!
My lips are quite pigmented naturally so some of the lighter colors might look a bit darker on my lips.
First up is M.A.C Lip pencil in Ablaze.

It is a dark orange color, learning towards the reddish side and I really like the matte yet three-dimension look my lips has after drawing it on.

One trick on using a lip pencil and avoiding looking flat in it is to outline the outside of your lips, color in your upper lip and the sides of your bottom lip. Leave the middle of the bottom lip empty to give that "three-dimension" look. Of course, please blend well haha
You can pair it with lip gloss or another lipstick but usually I'll just go out with that.

Etude House Rosy Tint Lips is my go-to lipstick when I want to do a gradient lips look.
My makeup style is heavily influence by Ulzzang and I love how simple and fuss free this look gives.
It just adds this "innocence" and "natural" vibe.

With the sponge applicator it is easy to achieve the gradient lips look without having to use your fingers to blend it. Squeeze a small amount of product out, blend with the sponge and voila!
Not to mention it smells really nice too. I want to get my hands on the entire color range!!

I am a huge fan of Innisfree and I really like how affordable their products are when they are sold in Singapore. It's one of my favorite korean brands and if you haven't check out their store in Orchard, you should go take a look! My boy even uses Innisfree skincare and he was the one that introduced me to their famous Green Tea Seed cream haha
If I'm not wrong this is Shade number 10. It's all korean words on the packaging.

It has a sponge tip applicator to makes it easy to spread the product on your lips.
As pigmented as a lipstick and as shiny as a lip gloss! I just have to use one product instead of two and it is also very affordable!
I have been loving pastel coral shade lipsticks for a really long time by the way!

Three M.A.C lipsticks got my attention and I have to say, M.A.C lipsticks are well known for their lipsticks for a very good reason indeed.

The lipsticks from the M.A.C Mineralize Rich collection are very hydrating, build-able for a more pigmented color and the packaging is superb. It has a magnetic cap to ensure that the lipstick cover won't come off if you threw it into your bag. It is also very creamy and easy to apply, not to mention, vanilla scented like all MA.C lipsticks! I feel like getting all of the colors!

M.A.C Mineralize Rich in Lady Who Lunch

M.A.C Mineralize Rich in Elegant Ash
Probably one of those MLBB (My Lips But Better) color since my natural lip color is similar to this.

M.A.C Retro Matte in RiRi Woo - Rihanna collection
It's not as hydrating as the Mineralize Rich though but I like the color! The red suits my skin tone quite well, it's really hard finding a right shade of red lipstick for my skin.

So that about sums up my recent lipstick addictions for now!