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I'm a Luxey!

Some time back I was invited to meet the CEO of Rogue Asia Inc, Ms Maeda, to learn more about Tokyo Luxey since I joined them as one of their Luxey bloggers.

What is Tokyo Luxey all about?
Tokyo Luxey is a community for trendsetting women which brings you Japanese cosmetic products, beauty lifestyle tips and skincare/makeup techniques from famous Japanese makeup artists. The LUXE beauty and lifestyle that they advocate seeks the beauty that simultaneously originates from the outside and within.
They believe that for LUXE beauty and lifestyle goods, nothing surpasses products originating from Japan. They are safe and reliable while simultaneously possessing exceptional functionality, and they are all-in-all thrilling products. Tokyo Luxey carefully select products from Japan that fill this narrative of genuinely superior goods. They then introduce this curated selection to the LUXEY like you, who understands the policies and mindset of Tokyo Luxey.

Luxey bloggers were given a goodie bag filled with some Japanese cosmetic products to review after the meetup!
I was given:
-Fairydrops Platinum Mascara
-Evangelist BB cream
-Heaven and Heart Kesen Tsubaki Lip cream
-And a bunch of 24h Cosme makeup products!

I will do individual reviews of the products that I got at a later date.
For now, I'm most looking forward to using the Fairydrops mascara! I've heard so much hype about it but never got to try it till now!
The Evangelist BB cream is a "3D" BB cream that combines all-in-one makeup functionality with skincare from ingredients such as placenta and EGF.
Heaven and Heart produces eco-friendly oil based cosmetics from the Tohoku disaster area.
24h Cosme products are made from natural minerals and moisturizing ingredients.
Tokyo Luxey also have brands like Make it & Co., Koji... too!

If you're a HUGE fan of Japanese cosmetics (like me!), you can also be part of the Luxey family by signing up at the website. Being a Luxey has it's perks, I can assure you that!
Check out their website at for more details.
I can't wait to try out those products!