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Majolica Majorca Chapter 40 x Ma Cherie

A while back I attended the Majolica Majorca Chapter 40 x Ma Cherie launch event at Shiseido and we did some eyeliner art! So I hand drew some sparrows and cherry blossoms because both of them mean so much to me and I really love cherry blossoms. To the point of obsessing about them.
On a side note, there will be a facebook application on Majolica Majorca FB soon so vote for my eye design yea? Thanks in advance!

Back to the Chapter 40 products! I'm a huge eyeliner fan so I was really excited when Chapter 40 contains many eyeliner products! They have the Linehunter, two unique colors for their Automatic liner and two new Honey lip pump Neo gloss shades. I got the one in baby pink!

Top: Perfect Automatic liner in Black
Middle and Bottom: Linehunter used in different ways!

As you can see, the Linehunter can be used in two ways to achieve different line thickness because of it's flat brush. Personally I think that it is more suitable for people who doesn't like thicker eyeliner looks as it gives a thinner line as compared to the other liners. I use it close to my top lash line and I love how it gives a natural look as it seems like I'm not wearing any eyeliner yet my eyelashes look fuller!

The Perfect Automatic Liner is a dial-type pen so you have to twist the end to dispense more product. I love the two unique colors from this chapter! I feel that the purple is much more versatile to wear on a regular basis than the red liner though. I love how easy it is to use them. The best part of these eyeliners is that they are super easy to remove! I hate having to rub my eyes with the makeup remover vigorously to remove eyeliners but this product comes off super quickly with the remover. That being said, they also last the entire day without smudging!

Colored eyeliners may seem daunting to use but they are actually really easy to incorporate into your makeup looks! If you want a more subtle eyeliner look with a colored eyeliner, you can do a thin line above your black liner to give your eyes a pop of color.
Or, you can line your upper eyelid with a black liner as normal and use the colored eyeliner to line the bottom 1/3 of your lower eyelid starting from the outer corner of your eyes!
Alternatively, you can use the colored liner as your main eyeliner if you're willing to experiment!
I used the Linehunter for my upper eyelid till the corner of my eye and switched to the red perfect automatic liner to draw a wing . I added two wings to give the illusion of long eyelashes from far.

Ma Cherie launches their refill-packs for their shampoo and conditioner. I'm currently using their Air-feel range now and I really like the scent of the shampoo! Not to mention the pink packaging is super pretty too.

The Air-Feel refill pack is retailing at $13.90 each and the Moisture one is retailing for $14.50 each!
The difference between Air-feel and Moisture range is that Air-feel gives more volume and shine while the Moisture range helps to control dry ends.

These products are all available in Watsons so remember to check them out!

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