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The Kase - Customized phone cover

A week back I headed down to The Kase for a new screen protector and to get a customized phone cover. I LOVE my new screen protector which I'll blog more about on the next post!

I love customizing, personalizing or basically putting my mark on everything that I have because it makes it more unique when a certain product is tailored especially for you.
The Kase was first launched in France in 2012 and it is now a popular international brand! The Kase is dedicated to pret-a-porter, custom fit and personalized smartphones and tablets.
They also work with a community of designers to create a range of original artwork exclusively reserved for the brand's customers!

Personalized cases can be created with your own personal pictures to honor your most treasured memories! It also makes a great gift for your loved ones, friends, family etc too. Not to mention, the person that you're giving the case to is sort of forced to use the case.
Here's a tip for girls (or guys), create a customized phone case with your picture together with him/her and give it as a gift! Now everyone knows he/she is taken haha!
Getting my phone case customized is really simple! I just have to email the photo that I want to The Kase email address (available at the store) and the staff will get it done for me in a jiffy.
Case customization is done at the customization workshop in the store and you get to see every process of it! Not to mention, the variety of colors that they have for their cases too!

I'm just watching my case being printed onto the cover by the machine! Pretty cool right?

Ta-daa! My new phone case is done in less than 15 minutes! I'm really happy with the results. The picture was clear, the phone case is lightweight and the pricing for a customized phone case is also very affordable! You can send them any picture that you want to customized. For me, I just send a photo but you can also create a collage of photos into a picture too!
No photo editing is done in the shop though so if you want to get a couple of pictures printed, make sure to get it prepared beforehand before you enter the shop!

While waiting for my case to be done, I browse the selection of cases available in the store on the ipad.
All of the designs look really interesting so I decided to check out the case for myself! After all, what you see in the pictures might look different in real life?

I love how The Kase is filled with so many different designs of phone covers. There's definitely one that would suit your taste! The prices are also stated on the rack with the design and it is also very affordable. The previous phone cover that I was using costed me 50SGD (made of rubber, no less!) and a customized phone cover only cost about 30-40SGD which is super worth it in my opinion!
Did I also mention that the cover is not made of rubber or any flimsy material? It's sturdy and lightweight!

The quality of the cases are really good. It also looks exactly like the photos I saw from The Kase website!
They have a new collection launched recently which I thought was pretty cute if you're into action heroes or cartoons.

For those of you who are summer beach babes, you can check out the range of summer inspired designs too

For the boys! Marvel, game consoles...what more can you ask for?

If you're into wooden items, there's also a wooden casing (which the boy got his eyes on!)

If you prefer a multi-functional product, a phone casing-card holder is also available in the shop! I was right about saying that there's definitely a case for everyone, yea?

For the kids...

And if you're into blings like me, you will love the fully blinged phone covers from The Kase!

There's tons more design available in the shops, not just those that I've taken pictures of!

This is how I take selfies. Don't you feel more incline to take more selfies if you have a prettier phone cover?

The Kase is located at Ion Orchard (#B2-27) and Parkway Parade (B1 #150-151)
Check out The Kase website at for more informations about their products!
(Not to mention they also have a current promotion of $59.90 for 2 customizable cases!)

Thanks Sheron for sponsoring the product to me.
All opinions are my own.

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