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Dentiste Plus White Nighttime Toothpaste + KISS YOU Ionic toothbrush review

The toothpaste that I've used were always white. So far, most of us assumed that toothpaste only comes in white color right?
However, recently I've stumbled across the Dentiste Plus White nighttime toothpaste which in color!
Would you be daring enough to try a green toothpaste?
What it does is that it helps you to inhibit night time bacteria that causes morning bad breaths.

The Dentiste Plus White Toothpaste claims to have:
-14 Natural extracts which are naturally antiseptic and antibacteria
-Xylitol – Natural taste enhancer, creating unwelcome environment for bacteria
-CDX (Cyclodextrin Complex): Traps up bad breath effectively
-Stable Vitamin C from Switzerland: Helps increase Antibodies for healthy Gums
-Micronized Silica Complex
-Clinically proven to be effective on soothing sensitive teeth

Now, if you're going to use a toothpaste, you should have a toothbrush right?
I was also given the Kiss You Ionic toothbrush that makes your teeth repels plaque easily.
At first glance it looks like just a normal toothbrush but if you run it under water, it's technology starts to work.
The Kiss You Ionic Toothbrush is probably the most advanced toothbrush in the world!
It is not an electric toothbrush however, it allows the teeth to let go of plaue easily with the innovative ionic action of the toothbrush!
It is also clinically proven to be more effective in cleaning the teeth than a regular toothbrush. Daily usage of the ionic toothbrush will make your teeth brighter with little or no plaque at all the next time you visit a dentist.

There is a metal piece in the middle where you have to touch it with your wet finger to activate it.
This tooth brush is battery operated with a replaceable brush head as well.

Since the toothpaste comes with a pump, it is more hygenic to use since there will be less mess!

The texture is thick, has a minty aftefeel but not super minty and has a slight herbal taste to it.
However, it does not lather up like my other toothpaste since it doesn't contain any sulfates.

Interested to try out the green toothpaste? You can redeem your Dentiste Plus White sample on here: https://
The Dentiste Plus White toothpaste can be purchased from Watsons, Guardian, SaSa, OG and major retailers.
Kiss You Ionic Toothbrush can be purchased from Watsons.