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I'm in FHM Top 20! Vote for me please!

Yay! Finally I can release this piece of good news haha
So I'm in this year's FHM Singapore Model search 2014 and I made it to the Top 20!

Two years ago I came across this competition and saw my friends signing up for it but I never had the guts to do so. After all, wasn't an FHM model suppose to be super gorgeous, filled with confidence and fun-going...not to mention sexy all at the same time? So I didn't sign up, put all thoughts about the competition aside and went on with my life. The next year I saw the competition again and thought exactly the same thing.
This year, however, I made a pact with myself to do things that will scare me, to try out more experiences and meet new people because you only live once. Not to mention, I'm finally turning 21 this year and would have to step into "adulthood" soon!
Isn't it time that I do something that I've always wanted to do?
After a casting, I was thrilled to find out that I made it into the Top 20!!!

There are 19 other girls in the competition. I've met majority of them and they are all really sweet and pretty! The Top 20 will be at Bugis on the 26th and 27th of April for a meet and great session, not to mention, we will also be doing a swimwear fashion show! Please come down to support if you're free okay? (:

Also, since I'm in the Top 20 currently, I would need YOUR votes to get into the Top 10!
Link only works on the computer so please 'LIKE' FHM Singapore Facebook page!
Click here to go to the direct link to vote for me!!!
You will have to select the 10 girls that you think are suitable to be in the Top 10.
Of course, if you think that I'm suitable, I would really appreciate your votes! :D

Fingers crossed and hoping that I'll be one of the finalist!
Thank you so much if you've voted!