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I'm only human

I know there hasn't been any personal post in a long while because I like to maintain a level of "professionalism" on my blog. But I"m only human after all and my blog is my outlet to vent.
Sure, I have my Dayre where I do mini updates when I"m too lazy to blog.
However, nothing compared to a blog that's been with me every since I chose the path of a blogger!
A while back many people are wondering about my relationship status, I kept getting such questions on my but never replied or replied vaguely because these are personal issues to me.
BUT. There is a limit to what I can handle and I am, after all, only human.
I feel. I get sad. I get affected and I cry. I am able to be absolutely happy too.
If you've been reading my blog for years, good for you. You'll know most of my life story and seen pictures of my relationship in the past.
What I will say regarding this is that....The social media is a scary place.
Sometimes, the things you try to hide will get out eventually.
I'm not talking about me, I have nothing to hide. I'm talking about the guys.
Everything that is on social media will get found out eventually.
So if you ever lied or cheated on a girl, get ready to dig your own grave.

I thank God for bringing a better person into my life, my life no longer has people that will hurt me/betrayed me/used me.
Instead of going on about my relationship and stuff, if you know me personally just read my twitter lol
If you don't. Too bad haha But I'll let you know what's the deal breaker for me in a relationship.

I cannot tolerate number 4 the most. It is the absolutely deal breaker for me. However, if a guy has the combination of number 4,7,8 and 12- that's it. IT IS OVER.
You might think, why would a guy do all those to a girl?! Truth is, I've experienced it. Not all at the same time of course, but one after another.
In my previous relationship, I tolerated 7,8,12,14,18 and 19 (actually 5 and 6 also -.-).
Most girls will tolerate it too, I mean after all girls always see the bright side of things right?
But if number 4 happens COUNTLESS of times, that's it. I draw the line.
It's the maximum that I can pull myself down to and I know jolly well that I deserve better.
Everyone deserves better than getting cheated on. Everyone lies, everyone flirts (harmless flirting of course) BUT nobody deserves to be cheated on.
So if a guy use another number to text another girl, or refuses to meet you for a few weeks claiming that he is too busy with work or went oversea with that other girl while lying that he was going with his parents.... Trust me, I've had all that done to me worse.
Thank you for opening up my eyes for me to see what type of guys are out there.

Sometimes you just have to trust your gut feelings and everything will fall into place eventually.
My gut feelings has never failed me and has lead me to the greatest things in my life. I'm so thankful of everything that happened and even more grateful for the people that are in my life now. Everyone that has betrayed/hurt/used me has been kicked out. No more negativity. Surround yourself with people that makes you happy and you'll be surprise at what happiness will bring (:

I've met the sweetest guy a while back who is a million times more of a man than the previous guy I've dated. I honestly cannot be happier at the amount of support he has given me thus far.