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Magic Shop workshop

 photo SAM_3565_zps40ac76a4.jpg
Have you heard of Magic Shop? Well, you no longer have to travel to Taiwan just to get their products! Magic Shop have officially opened an outlet in Singapore at Far East Plaza 01-83.
A few weeks back I attended a workshop held by them to learn more about the products that they sell....and I have to see what the hype about their product was about!

 photo SAM_3567_zpsa52ab095.jpg
One of their absolute best seller is the Lipstainer. It gives a natural pinkish tone to your lip that makes it look instantly better, it is super lightweight that you really feel like you're not wearing anything. It comes in a white formula but turns pinkish once on your lips. How cool is that?

 photo SAM_3570_zps6f7d9946.jpg
They also have the Cherry Blossom 2-in-1 makeup remover which is not really a star product but I'm obsessed over it nonetheless because...anything with Cherry Blossom just gets me everytime. It smells REALLY good! There are two layers where you have to shake before use and I love how the product is pink in color too!

 photo SAM_3572_zpsee560d44.jpg
The Magic Shop have quite a few Star products....they are products that returning customers keep asking for after they tried it out because they love it so much!
The Protective Makeup Base is one of the Star product. It effectively locks in the moisture from your previously applied product to ensure that the product gets absorb into your skin effectively. It also has a matte feel and oil control properties.

 photo SAM_3598_zps00222ef2.jpg
Another star product is their Waterproof eyeliner.
"Smudge-proof, stay-pit, waterproof formula. Safe for sensitive eyes. stay put all day; holds your look in place until you remove it. Glides on smoothly and softly; easily lines and defines eyes"

Trying to test the staying power of the eyeliner, apparently it doesn't even budge if you rub it with cream too!

However, if you use a makeup remove, the eyeliner will come off easily! I was rather impress with this product. After all, since Singapore is humid, one of the common problem girls usually face is smudging of eyeliners. So if you have this problem, you can check out this product! It comes in Black, Black with glitter and Toffee.

They also have a mousse foundation.
"Mousse foundation is liquid makeup air whipped in. It is easier to apply in thin layer, so you can have more control making it lighter and smoother. Good for all skin type with oil control and hydration properties. Derived from natural extract such as cucumber and rose."

I like how lightweight it feels on my skin. I tried it out on the back of my hand and it looks really promising. However, I think they only have one shade for their mousse foundation. It can be blended into the skin (regardless of skin type) to brighten up your complexion but I think if you have a darker skin tone, it will definitely be hard for you to use this.

A star product that I love is their gentle exfoliator gel.
"Effectively removes accumulated dirt and dead skin cells, making your skin look more radiant and healthy. Detoxifies skin without drying it, soften pores to allow effective absorbance of nutrients applied after. Since dead skin surfaces every 7 days, you can use this once a week."
Reminds me of another much hyped about product that does that same thing but cost way more than this. It also have two different type of scent, sunflowers and rose I think? I know the pink tube is rose but I forgot the purple one. I have my eyes on the pink tube! Might go down to get it once my exfoliator runs out.

The lady trying out the purple exfoliator gel on me

After much rubbing! Look at all the dead skin cells. I know some people are still skeptical about such products, to be honest I don't really fully believe that it's dead skin cells since cells are suppose to be too small for you to see BUT! if constant rubbing produces such particles to appear from the liquid, that would mean the the skin is being rubbed or exfoliated which is more believable than saying that it's dead skin cells. So that means the product is working. Right? Right.

Other non-star products that are still good. One of them is their hair mist which comes in three scents: Endless love, Cherry Blossom and Rose. It can be used daily to soften and replace lost moisture in our dry hair and also, can be used on the body as well.

One of their best seller product is the UV expert serum (Color control foundation).
It has SPF 30 and PA+++ and can be use as a makeup base to keep your makeup lasting longer.
It comes in four colors- White, pink, skin color and green.
White is used to brighten up the skin complexion, pink is used more for brightening dull skin especially if you look tired most of the time. Skin tone gives you more coverage than the other UV expert serum and the green is used to tone down redness so it's great for people with acne prone skin (to cover up the redness, not to help with the acne!).

Apart from using the product individually, you can also mix and blend two different colors you want to achieve the type of finish that you desire. For example, if you want a brighter looking skin with more coverage, just blend the skin tone base and the white base in a 3:1 proportion and mix it up!

Another Star product which is my absolute favorite of the lot is their Blemishes no more cream.
It is one of their Best sellers all year round especially for Singaporeans who face pimple or acne problems. It usually get sold out as soon as they restock the product.
And I've seen it get cleared from the shelves by the bloggers at the event that day! Most of us brought home the Blemishes no more cream (including me!). It is said to be a "miracle" product whereby you just leave it on your acne, sleep and wake up with it visible reduced....or even gone!
It has sort of a herbaceous scent to it which it quite comforting and the cream is silvery. If you want to use it in the morning, you can rub it into your skin so that it blends into a clear cream instead. Of course, for more effect you just bury your acne under the cream before going to sleep.

I'm currently using their Blemishes no more Cream for my breakout nowadays and so far it has been good. If you're around Orchard area, do drop by Magic Shop to try out their products!
ALSO. If you LIKE twmagicshopsg facebook page + quote my name when purchasing from Magic shop, you get an instant 10% off storewide for your purchases! (Ends 30th April 2014).
You can also share their facebook posts to win free products every month. Do check our their facebook for more details.

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