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RTL CBS Launch Party- Extreme HD

 photo IMG_6854_zpsbb513f4d.jpg
Couple of weeks back I attended the RTL CBS Launch Party held at Wheeler's Yard!
I blogged about their Entertainment channel launch recently and now, this is their Extreme HD channel launch party!
The difference between their Entertainment and Extreme HD channel is the content they will be offering.
In my opinion I think Entertainment channel is more suitable for the girls since it's filled with tons of dramas while Extreme HD is more catered towards the boys since it has thrilling, interesting and just extreme shows such as first and exclusive titles such as Dynamo: Magician Impossible, Red Bull Art of Motion, Red Bull Cliptomaniacs, and Red Bull Air Races! The Channel will also bring first and exclusive, the new series Criss Angel BeLIEve beginning in June and will be home to master illusionists Troy and the International Magician of the Year 2013, Cosentino, along with Fear Factor and earlier seasons of favourite action series from CBS such as NCIS: Los Angeles and Hawaii Five-O!
How interesting does those sound?!?
I personally love watching magicians/illusionist such as Criss Angel, Dynamo and Cosentino!

If you want to tune in to RTL CBS Extreme HD, you have to be currently subscribed to the Metro Pack, Jingxuan Super, Inspirasi Super, Kondattam Super, Desi Super and Action Gold pack, then you will be able to enjoy the channel at no extra charge. New subscribers can sign up for these packs at any SingTel retail shop or by contacting the SingTel sales hotline at 1609 (9am – 9pm daily) to enjoy RTL CBS Extreme HD and other exciting channels.
(For full information about the channel and packages, please visit

Back to the launch party at Wheeler's Yard.
I love how they totally transformed the place to a crime scene, it looks so real!

We got there early so the party was just getting started. There were four "booths" or activity sites where we could complete the extreme tasks.
One of the booth involved dipping your hands into a bowl filled with maggots to get a coin and then posing with a snake, another involved trying fried maggots, the third booth was trying out the "brain juice" while last booth was getting your photo taken in a booth surrounding by knives, yikes!

A selfie at the event!

Previously mentioned Brain juice! Literally looks like part of the brain is at the bottom of the shot glass.
Tried it and it's some alcohol mixture..was pretty interesting though!

The event was hosted by two gorgeous ladies, Sonya Davison and Stephanie Carington!

The Parkour performance started the show. I took a video of it because it was just amazing!
RTL CBS Asia Entertainment Network Chief Executive Officer, Jonas Engwall, gave a speech afterwards and they even invited THE Cosentino to perform! Definitely had a good time since the night was ended with watching the live performance of the International Magician of the Year 2013.

If you're into extreme or thrilling series, definitely check out the RTL CBS Extreme HD channel!