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The Kase: Tempered Glass Screen Protector

Remember my customized phone cover done at The Kase a while back?
I also got a new screen protector from them and it is their premium tempered glass screen protector!
On a side note, I also saw bling-ed phone front sticker!

Back to the tempered glass screen protector!
The Kase offers a wide range of it, there's even colored ones for iPhone5, non-colored ones for iPhone4 and also for iPad as well. They also have the tempered glass for iPad Air too, I heard it was really sought after!

The Kase's premium tempered glass is made of five high-protection technology laters:
1. Anti-oil
2. Anti-fingerprint
3. Scratch resistant
4. Glass
5. A final protective layer

It has a surface hardness of 9H! (The highest of the coating scale is 10H)
You would think that maybe a glass screen protector would be super thick because of all the protection layers right? You're wrong! The Kase's premium tempered glass only has a thickness of 0.33mm!
Even though it has multiple layers of protection, this screen protector still has a clear visual quality and it's touch-screen sensitivity is not compromised at all!
The screen protector is also shock-proof and has rounded borders to prevent chipping.

I got the salesperson to fix the screen protector for me at the shop and I'm very impressed with the tempered glass! It is my first time using a glass screen protector and I love it!
My phone screen felt so smooth, I could slide my fingers easily across the screen.
There is no fingerprint markings on my phone and if there's anything on the screen, I can wipe it off easily. My phone is clearer now, I was using a normal protector before this that has a few scratches because I always have a tendency to leave my keys in the same bag as my phone!
So far my tempered glass protector has no scratches so I'm very happy with it.
I would highly recommend everyone to try The Kase's tempered glass screen protector,
it has honestly made my much happier using my phone. I can't stop raving enough about The Kase's premium tempered glass screen protector!

Models and Colour Availability
Samsung GALAXY S4, Samsung GALAZY Note 3, Sony Xperia Z1 – Premium Glass
iPhone 4 – Premium Glass
iPhone 5 – Premium Glass, Gold, Pink, Red, Purple, and Blue
iPad 2/3/4 and iPad Air – Premium Glass
Retailing for $34.90 for mobile phone and $64.90 for tablet.

The Kase Premium Tempered Glass Screen Protector is available at The Kase Boutiques in ION
Orchard, #B2-27 and Parkway Parade B1 #150-151.