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Green Beauty Solutions review

A few days back I went down to Green Beauty Solutions, conveniently located near Clementi MRT station, for Bojin Eye Treatment and Eyelash Extension.

I have super dark circles under my eyes and Bojin Eye treatment is recommended for me since it can give a brightening and lifting effect around the eye area. This treatment combines premium therapeutic oil with rhythmic kneading around the eye area using a tiny "massage rod". The acupressure movements of the rod helps to unclog the blocked capillaries thus giving you a brightening and lifting effect.
The Bojin eye treatment that I was given was the Premium Bojin Eye Treatment that includes the addition of organic serum which is effective for those with dark eye rings. The session lasted for 1 hour and all I had to do was to just lie down comfortably!
First my face was cleansed and wash, removing all traces of makeup or sebum. So all the pictures below is me without any makeup on!
The tiny "massage rod" was kneaded around my eye area and it doesn't hurt at all.

The therapist also added rose oil around my eye area one time and it smelt really good!

An eye mask was applied nearing the end of the treatment. It was a self-heating mask that heats up after a while for a couple of minutes before the therapist removed it once it starts to cool.
A cooling organic serum was applied afterwards to finish off the treatment.

As you can see, the effect is straightaway! Only my left (your left!) eye had Bojin eye treatment done and the dark circles have significantly been reduced, as compared to my right eye's dark circle.
I'm pretty amazed by this!
Bojin eye treatment isn't a permanent effect though, just like most other treatments, regular maintenance is required. So for those of you that has horrible eye circles like mine was, I highly recommend this treatment to you!

Green Beauty Solutions offers their Express Bojin eye treatment at $38 for a 20min session, the Premium Bojin eye treatment first trial price is $138.

Afterwards, Tammy did my eyelash extensions for me.
I'm a fan of eyelash extension, it saves a lot of time for me especially if I'm going out often as I don't have to bother with much eye makeup.
This is my second time getting my lashes extended in Singapore, the first time I got it done at a shop in FEP the experience was so horrible that I literally plucked out all of my lashes the next day.
This time round, getting my eyelash extended at Green Beauty Solutions was a pleasant experience!

I got the "Top of the line" eyelash extension done. The lashes available are very soft and natural looking since it is made with protein extracted from raw silk. The texture is shiny and since it is made from natural materials, it is unlikely to cause irritation.
They have a variety of price range for their eyelash extension so you can spend within the range that you're comfortable with. Eyelash extensions packages are also available for frequent customers. The packages include 1 free touch up service per extension!
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Look at the difference the lashes have on my eyes! Left eyes with eyelash extension.
The glue used didn't irritate my eyes at all and my eyes felt very comfortable throughout the entire process!

The one that I did was $298 and it was voluminous and doll-like! I really love the effect it has on my eyes. I usually just draw my eyeliner on the outer corner of my eyes when I have extensions on.

Their Eyelash Extension Multi-strand starts from $58. Single strand starts from $88. They also have coffee color, black+blue, black+green, black+purple and black+red eyelash extensions apart from the standard black lashes. The multi colored lashes are good for those wanting to match their hair colors or contact lenses! The Natural series extension starts from $158 which are 0.1mm thin and very natural and comfortable on.

If you're planning to get eyelash extensions done, I highly recommend getting single strand extensions instead because they are much better! The length of the eyelashes was just right, I could wear my spectacles at home without the extensions hitting my glasses too much. Tammy gave me extensions according to my eye shape and how she thinks would best suit my eyes. I love the effect and I'm very happy with Tammy's work!

If you want to know more informations about Green Beauty Solutions, you can check out their website at . They also provide manicure/pedicure services! The shop has two levels, the first level is mainly for mani/pedi while the second floor is mainly for beauty treatments etc and it's very nice!

Green Beauty Solutions is located 442 Clementi Ave 3 #01-85.

Treatments were sponsored to me.
All opinions are my own.