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2B Alternative For Face review

I'm obsessed with the V-shape face look and have tried countless of products in order to achieve it.
Majority of the products in the markets are face mask that you put on, some has a heating effect while most of them just feels tight. However, those doesn't seem to work for me!
Why is it so hard to have a smaller face? ):

When I was given the 2B Alternative serum for Slim Face and Contour, I was rather interested since some of my blogger friends have already tried it out and said good things about the product!
A quick google search also proves that this product works for majority of the people too.
Not to mention, famous celebrities such as Nancy Wu from TVB and Bubzbeauty on youtube uses this product and loves it too!

Each box comes with 2 serums and you have to fit the tip to the mini bottle by yourself.
Each bottle is tightly sealed to ensure freshness and maximum effectiveness so you have to open it up before putting the tip on.
The texture is gel-like and viscous but blends easily onto my skin.
The average lifespan of one bottle lasts for about a month since you only need one drop of it on one side of your face.
2B For Face helps to thin out chewing muscles, improves your jawline contour without injection and with ingredients origination from the USA, France and Japan, it effectively solves facial issues such as double chin and water retention. Since it is non-invasive, it is safer than it's surgery counterparts. The contents in 2B For Face have passed safety and sensitive tests too.
Of course, the effect isn't seem straight away like other invasive treatments but with continuous usage, you will be able to observed a very obvious difference for your face shape.

What I usually do is that I put a drop of the product on each side of my face together with my night time skin care routine, and blend it in an upwards motion. Some days I feel a slight tightening effect but on most days, there's no special feeling whatsoever.
However, I did observe that my face was slightly slimmer and more V-line (as compared to previously) after using the product for 3 weeks now.
Overall, I'm really happy with the results and can't wait to finish all 4 bottles to see the effect of it.
If you have massive water retention on your face, like me, or have the desire to get a V-shape face without getting any surgery, you can give this product a try!
It is definitely one of the best non-invasive solution to getting a V-shape face that I've tried so far.

Also, if you wish to try out 2B alternative products, you can check out their website to find out how you can get discounts for their products! Not only for Face slimming, they also carry a range of other slimming products such as for the Legs or Hands!

Product was sponsored to me.
All opinions are my own.