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Chemistry (NUS)
Perfumery and Cosmetic science (Singapore Polytechnic)
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ZEISS LotuTec lens for my Rocco Frame by Jamco Optical Co

Previously I've collaborated with Rocco on a project so I have a pair of Rocco glasses with me.
I'm a regular spectacles wearer and the only problem that I have with the Rocco glasses is....that the lens has no degrees.

With different types of lens in the market, the competition for being "the best lens" is tough!
Most importantly, my spectacle lens has to be able to be very durable regardless of various conditions since it has to last for a really long time!

I've settled for having my spectacles lens done with LotuTec®.
LotuTec®  sets the pioneering standards in durability. It has an outstanding Clean Coat to ensure that dirt and lint do not stick to the surface easily and is simple to clean, meaning that fluid and dirt simply drip or fall off the lens! Not to mention, it has anti-reflective properties and is robust, since the LotuTec®  AR coating are durable lenses equipped with hard lacquer.

With such claims, LotuTec® definitely has a series of comprehensive and advanced tests with results to back them up! Some examples of the tests are:
Exposure to heat- Lenses are subjected to high temperatures for several hours at a time and LotuTec® lens passed with flying colors
Extreme test: Cross hatch cutter - A razor blade is used to make incisions in the base lens in a criss-cross pattern. Tape is them repeatedly adhered to and removed from the lens in vairous cycles. The lens is then examined for signs of coating detachment. For LotuTec®  it was no problem at all!

photo 5
I've gotten my lens fitted at Jamco Optical Co at Katong shopping centre.
They carry a wide range of frames suitable for all occasions!
Bryan helped me to check my eyesight to see if the lens that I'm using currently is up to date with my eye degree.

photo 2

Right now, Jamco is having their GSS promotions!
Take advantage of it while you can! (:

Jamco Optical & Trading co.
B1-15 Katong Shopping Centre S437844