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Escape Hunt Singapore

Noelle, her bf, J, me!

A couple of days back I was invited to Escape Hunt Singapore for an interesting experience in their Escape Hunt rooms. With the growing popularity of "escape the room" games in Singapore, we are all spoilt for choices! Prior to this, I've never visited any other game rooms before so I was quite excited and looking forward to my first experience!

Bumped in Noelle at Escape Hunt so we formed a team. Escape Hunt has 6 rooms in total, 3 game rooms and the other 3 are mirror from the 3 that they have, meaning if you come in groups larger than 6 people, you can split into two different groups to compete which team solve the fastest since the rooms are the same.

No photos were allowed inside the rooms but I highly recommend you to check them out because I had such a great time solving all the clues! Their rooms were designed by UK mensa member, who has a masters in Psychology from Cambridge. They are multi-dimensional and non-linear, with a strong story line for the game play.

We got the Advance room titled Bomb in the Cellar.
When we first entered the room, it was dimly lit with red lights and clues all around us. After figuring out some of the clues and getting into the game, we were quite surprise to find that there is another room connected to it!
I couldn't stop thinking about how clever the clues and hints were afterwards and was just looking forward to going back again to try out the other rooms!
Plus, I'm really glad that J was with me since he's really good at math and mental calculation :D
We manage to get out of the room with 7 mins left on the clock! Time just passed by so quickly while we were figuring everything out inside the room. Each game session lasted for an hour and there is a countdown clock in the room.

The difference between Escape Hunt and all other game rooms is that Escape Hunt goes for the overall experience and prides itself for their customer service. There is complimentary tea and biscuits after your experience and you can also dress up in Sherlock Holmes inspired outfits for photo-taking too!

Comparing to other game rooms, Escape Hunt is relatively pricier BUT they definitely provide better service and deliver better games than their competitors. J went to another Escape room before this so he did a comparison and preferred Escape Hunt more!
Not only that, Escape Hunt is also a Global live Escape game with 20+ branches at the end of this year all around the world!

Pricing wise, it gets cheaper with more people (max 5 in a room) from $38/pax for 2 pax to $28/pax for 5 pax!
Overall, I would definitely recommend Escape Hunt to my friends who are visiting Singapore and to anyone else who would like to spend time with their friends or family. It could be a great bonding time! You can book for the room online at
I'm looking forward to when they change their room in a few months time so that I can try out the next Advance room!