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Hair Journey with ProTrim Salon (JEM)

Last Saturday I headed down to ProTrim at their JEM outlet in the morning to get my hair done.
They have 4 other outlets in Singapore: Ngee Ann City, 313 Somerset, Causeway point and Compass point. Location wise, I personally feel that they are located conveniently for people living anywhere in Singapore!

I've never dyed my hair before and my hair is naturally dark brown/black.
The latest thing that my hair underwent was getting a perm last year but my hair is naturally straight and most of the curls are snipped off on my last visit to the hairdresser.
The Before picture!

Back view

Each ProTrim outlet has at least one Korean hairstylist so if you love Korean fashion or want to get your hair done by a Korean stylist without having to fly to Korea, you can go to ProTrim for that!
In fact, what I've noticed while I was at the salon was that some of their customers are Koreans too!
To be honest I really love Korean salons because Korean stylist has a way of making your hair look like those actress/actor that you see in Korean dramas.

I love how spacious the salon is!

This is the first time that I'm getting my hair colored.
I wanted some pink but wasn't sure what else I should do with my hair so my stylist recommended that I have a light brown base to suit the pink highlights in my hair.
During the entire 5 hours that I was at the salon, my stylist gave me some Korean magazine to browse through. They were quite thick and had tons of advertisement on the latest beauty products in the market currently! Perfect for me to decide what I want and then send my orders to my bestie whose in Korea at the moment.

I have my protective cover on while getting my hair done! Is it only available in Korean salons though?
I watch After School's Beauty Bible everyday(korean beauty show!) and noticed that they have this on when they are getting their hair done.
Ta-daa! My new hairstyle!

I joke.

Here's how my hair looks like after 1June worked his magic on it!

Madly obsessed over my hair!!! (The color is more true to this picture.)
Some of my friends said that I look more matured with this hairstyle.

With my Korean hair stylist 1June!

I really love how he styled my hair so I'm all dolled up for my birthday party in the evening! He was really gentle with my hair, ensuring that I'm comfortable throughout the entire process (such as giving me an extra cushion after noticing that I'm shifting about in my seat while trying to find a comfortable position) and meticulous in his work. Two thumbs up from me, definitely!

Since the curls are temporary, my hair was back to being straight the next day.
I can't stop admiring my strawberry hair! Here's more pictures.

Of course, the pink color doesn't last very long and it will fade away eventually after a couple of weeks but as of now, I'm very happy with my visit to ProTrim salon!
To ensure that the pink highlights will last longer, I have to avoid washing my hair everyday (that used to be my normal routine). Now, I wash my hair on alternate days and use a dry shampoo on the days where I'm not washing it. If you don't want to buy a dry shampoo, baby powder is a good substitute too!
Till my next visit~


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