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Neutrogena Deep Clean Foaming Cleanser review

With over 60 years of experience in skin care and recommended by dermatologist, Neutrogena has been a popular skincare brand for years. When I first received the products, my mom commented that she used to use Neutrogena products in her younger days!

I'm a firm believer in having a good skincare routine and I preferred to invest on skincare than cosmetics. If you have good skin, you could skip the makeup base or foundation step which allows your skin to breathe better...and it will lead to having even better skin since there's nothing to clog up your pores right?!
Having a good cleanser is the "true foundation of beauty". Water alone is not enough to remove the impurities from your skin.

Neutrogena has different product line of cleanser to suit different skin woes. Deep clean is a line that promises to work extra deep so skin stays extra clear. Their dermatologist-tested formulas work to improve the skin by cleaning deep down into the pores dissolving dirt, oil and makeup. It also removes deep surface skin that can dry-out, roughen and dull your complexion. Also, it contains no pore clogging residue so it could be rinse clean!
Feeling vague on the term "deep clean"? It actually means that Neutrogena Deep clean foaming cleanser is able to clean 99% of the impurities from deep within your skin!

Neutrogena Deep Clean Brightening Cleanser contains vitamin complex and mulberry extract to provide 2 times the power of brightening. It's no secret that I'm a huge fan of brightening products so my favorite out of the two has got to be the brightening foaming cleanser.
I love how the product is thick, easy to dispense with a comforting light powdery floral scent that seem to remind me of something from the past. After cleansing, the scent lingers for a while too!

With a pearlescent texture, the cleanser lathers on really well with water and I love how clean my face feels afterwards! It is definitely important to remove all the dirts and impurities from your face as step 1 of your skin care routine since it will allow step 2, 3... to work better!
Your toner, lotions, serums etc. will be absorbed easily into the skin to help you to maintain or improve your complexion.
I've used countless of cleansers before and this is definitely in my Top 5 favorite cleanser to use. It has a great after-feel, your skin just feels so good afterwards! It's really hard to explain this feeling in words.

Neutrogena Deep Clean Hydrating cleanser contains water mineral complex to give 2 times the power of hydrating. The smell of this is different than the brightening cleanser though, it smells fresher and seems to remind me of a cucumber! With the same pearlescent texture while being light blue in color, the cleansing power is the same and my face does not feel tacky or stripped of moisture after using it! My mom prefers to use the Hydration foaming cleanser as compared to the Brightening cleanser.

If you want to know more information of Neutrogena products, head over to Neutrogena Singapore facebook page to check out more details!

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