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Alive Museum Singapore

Went to Taiwan for a well-deserved holiday and now I'm back!
Visited Alive Museum the next day after I got back to Singapore! It was on a Sunday so there was quite a crowd in the morning.
Located at Suntec City Mall between Tower 3 and 4 at Level 3, it is not to be mistaken with another museum that's at RWS!

A little background about Alive Museum, it was open in 2009 and it is the original 3D visual illusion museum from South Korea. The Singapore branch is about 10,000sq ft! To stay current and exciting, around 30% of the collections are refreshed each year. Not only that, there are 9 Singapore theme paintings too!
Alive Museum is the biggest 3D illusionary museum in Singapore that offers a sensory experience to trick your visual, physical and environmental perceptions while bringing fantasy to reality.

Escaping from a giant crocodile?

Table tennis competition, maybe?

Perhaps you've always fantasized about the Spider-man upside down kiss?

Stranded on a ball?

Or stopping a truck?

Washing your hair with the water from the Merlion? That actually sounds like a cool idea.

Lastly, my favorite, doing a handstand! I've always wanted to try it.

And many more paintings!

There are "Photo point" on the ground to guide you in capturing the best shot for each paintings.
I enjoyed my experience at the museum, even though there was quite a lot of people and I had to queue to take pictures of some of the paintings. I'm looking forward to visiting it again, especially on special occasions such as Christmas as there will be theme exhibits!

Tickets are priced at $25 (Adults), $20 (Children 3-12 years).
Family package (2 Adults + 1 Child) $60

"Like" Alive Museum on Facebook, purchase a full priced ticket by 30th Sept and get a free meal (worth $7.85) at Burger King Suntec!
OR. Purchase tickets online using "aliveopen" promo code by 30th August to get 20% off!