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My Fillers and Dysport procedure at Trinity Medical Centre

I've always had a slightly sloping nose which you can tell if you saw my side view.
It's not that bad, really, but I've always been conscious about it because I envy girls with super sharp and high nose bridge!
However, getting my nose done with plastic surgery is a NO for me because I'm really afraid of the downtime plus, the stitches and all the pain that comes with it. I might be adventurous with beauty related things but definitely not for plastic surgery. Here’s how my nose looks!


The next best option was getting fillers done.
I didn't mind trying it out since fillers are temporary, they and only last about a few months or so depending on individuals and you can go back to your original "look" after the fillers have dissolved completely.
Since I was feeling adventurous (a few months back), I decided to go down to Trinity Medical Centre (Marine Parade) to get fillers done!
After consulting with my doctor, Dr Lim, I was going to get nose fillers (with Restylane) and Dysport Jaw reduction. Sounds scary but it's actually not!

Restylane perlane is one of the best hyaluronic acid filler for nose.
 Give a natural look and less spreading of the filler to the side of the nose and top of the nose bridge. Restylane was the one that my doctor used on my nose, for best advices, schedule your appointment at 6344 0027 and go down for a consultation and the doctor will decide for you!

Dysport is similar to Botox, it works by weakening part of the muscle to give a slimmer more defined jaw line. However for me, my jaw bone is quite prominent as when you touch the edge of my jaw, you can already feel the bone. So Dysport doesn't give any significant changes to my look immediately, after some time, it will slightly make my face look slimmer but results vary with individuals and the things that you eat. If you have more skin around your jaw area, Dysport might be more suitable for you! As with most aesthetic enhancement, both Dysport and Restylane fillers only give you temporary effect and it will dissolve eventually.

 Pain level 
Pain level vary with individuals. My pain tolerance is absolutely zero, I can't stand any sort of pain whatsoever!

 Fillers: For the bridge of my nose, there was really minimal pain. I could only feel the needle being injected into my nose. Might be due to the numbing cream placed there beforehand. For the tip of my nose, the pain level would be slightly higher due to sensitivity. I would say it hurt about 7/10 for me because I could feel the pain and the needle. But my doctor was quick with his work so the pain only lasted for a short while. I also have another injection above my lips at the bottom tip of my nose. Like I've said, my pain tolerance is absolutely zero. I'm looking forward for the fillers to settle down and for the swelling to subside.

Dysport: I would say the pain would be 1 or 2/10. I've had numbing cream applied beforehand so it didn't hurt that much. I had to clench my jaw while getting it done. The effect will be seen after 3 to 4 weeks though so I'm really looking forward to it. Doctor Lim was very friendly and he even check to see if my nose was alright that night by asking me to send him photos of my nose every day after. He said my nose was very lax so I can take in a lot of filler materials into the skin of my nose.

 After fillers and Dysport 
Fillers: My nose felt sore once I had my spectacles on, like something was holding it down. It felt sore but I was told that it would be expected since my nose will be swollen and might bruise for a few days after. The sore feeling lasted for about 4 days. Dr Lim will give instructions on how to take care of the injection sites as well as look for signs of complications if any.

Dysport: Slight tingling could be felt once or twice at the area that was injected. The area felt sore for a while but it fades quickly. It doesn't hurt much afterwards.

 Photo below taken 5 days after the procedure where I had a photoshoot (with full makeup). I SUPER LOVE MY NOSE BRIDGE IN THIS PICTURE! The slight lift of my nose bridge made me look better plus my friends don't even notice any difference unless I pointed it out! I was due to go down for review this week but I've been really busy so I might go down again next week or so! The only problem I had was that my nose became oilier than usual but it has now become less oily after I change my skincare routine slightly. The excess production of sebum could be due to the changes made to my nose after fillers was done.

To be honest, I'm more confident of my looks now! Some of my friends still can't tell the difference but for me, I am very happy with the results since it's super natural. Two weeks after. Look at that nose bridge!

Here is the detail of the clinic that I went to! It's located just opposite of Parkway parade.

Trinity Medical Centre (Marine Parade)
(+65) 6344 0027 Facebook:://
Address: 87 Marine Parade Central Level 2 #02-500A, Singapore 440087 Untitled2

(Update: Dysport and Filler were done months ago. As of now, both have dissolved completely and my face is back to how it was before the procedure.)