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Perfumery workshop at Singapore Polytechnic (DPCS)

Posted this photo on instagram a few days back with the caption "4711 over vodka anytime, all day all night" If you don't know what 4711 is, it's basically THE original Eau de Cologne.
Perfumery/cosmetic science is my life now and the only alcohol that interest me is perfumery alcohol.

A few weeks back I went back to my alma mater (aka Singapore Polytechnic) for a perfumery workshop held none other by my lovely course DPCS- Diploma in Perfumery and Cosmetic Science.
I was the first batch of graduates from DPCS! To be honest I really miss the lectures and modules from the course since they are relevant to my interest.

DPCS now has a perfumery lab at T11B, where it's the coolest lab I've ever been to! There's tons of perfumes around, chubby holes for you to spray the perfume in to smell it and a wide and fantastic array of skincare products for you to try & observe their aesthetic qualities! I remember being wow-ed by the HUGE bottle of 4711 that they have in the lab when I was still studying there. Which explains why I had to take a selfie with it.

Diploma in Perfumery and Cosmetic Science is the only diploma in Singapore that provides training in chemistry with application in perfumery and cosmetic science! It is NOT a course where you go to learn makeup, but rather, a course where you build a strong chemistry foundation together with modules such as Introduction to Fragrance- where you learn all about essential oil and perfumery materials, Formulation science (my personal favorite!)- where you learn about the formulation aspect of making simple creams and lotions!
More information on the course details can be found here

Bottles of bases on the table together with a brochure of DPCS and their new perfume Splash!
We were going to create our own fragrance concoction with the bases provided.

Good to know I'm still on the brochure! Haha!

How do you spot a real science student in the lab? Probably the only one still wearing goggles when everyone isn't! I guess it's safe to say science students are trained to put on their goggles and lab coat while in any lab haha

During the 3 hours workshop, we got to learn about the science behind perfumery by Mr Koji Santoku, a senior perfumer from Takasago international! Simply put it, a perfume is made out of Top, Middle and Base notes. To create a nice smelling perfume, the ingredients that you use for your Top, Middle and Base notes have to be in perfect harmony with each other!
Afterwards it was our turn to create our own perfume.

I love rose scented products so I spammed quite a huge amount of Rose base into my perfume formulation.

Done with my mini perfume formulation! Overall I had a great time back in SP for the workshop.
Not to mention, it definitely made me miss being in DPCS even more!
I love the exposure that I get that helped me in paving the way to pursuing a career in the beauty industry.

Thank you so much for having us!