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2nd Visit to Protrim Salon!

The last time I visited Protrim salon, I walked out with Pink sombre and you can read my blog post here. The pink has faded after a couple of weeks so I'm left with bleached streaks in my hair which I also love!
You can barely see those bleached streaks in some photos such as this,

Or sometimes, you can see some of them!

I was in love with my hair until I found out my black roots are starting to show so it was time to get a fresh coat of colour. As reluctant as I was to change up my hair, I was glad that I did because my Korean hairstylist, 1June, made my hair even more awesome than before!

This time round I wanted blonde tips at the end of my hair so I showed 1June some pictures and let him decide on the new coat of base colour for my hair. I trust his taste 100% so whenever he points to a colour, I'll just agree with him haha

Here's what I look like after close to 5 hours in the salon!
My blonde tips were bleached twice to the desired colour with lavender brown as the new coat of base for my hair.
1June gave me some temporary curls after my hair is done. Really loving those curls!

Tons of Koreans were getting their hair done at Protrim salon too! All the Protrim outlets have Korean hairstylist. There's also Korean magazine available in the salon, in addition to the English ones. There are 5 Protrim outlets in total- JEM, 313 Somerset, Ngee Ann City, Causeway Point and Compass Point. My friends who went to Protrim salon to get their hair done also loved their services and was impressed with their hair afterwards!

Mandatory shot with the amazing 1June from Protrim salon JEM outlet!
He's the BEST hairstylist I've ever had. Before I met him, I was never happy with the way my hair turned out to be after each visit to the salon. I love having a hairstylist that knows what's best for my hair, what colour would suit me and what style would match too.
He'll always check on me to see if I'm doing fine or if I'm hungry or bored while waiting for the colour to get absorbed into my hair even if he's busy with 3 other customers in the salon!
On a side note he even went to find the perfect backdrop for us to take the photo together haha

The next day. Check out my hair!
(Pardon my no makeup face)

A few days later I took some selfies hair looks so awesome!!!
I love how the blonde part is just peeking through the photo, making my hair looks more interesting than it was. Thank you to 1June and the Protrim team for making my experience at Protrim salon so enjoyable!

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