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IFF Perfume workshop + SaSa "Scent in the City" launch

Keeping up with the perfume related blog posts recently, I've also attended another perfume workshop held at IFF a few weeks back! Brought my mom along this time round for the event as I knew she would be interested to go for the guided tour of IFF.
It was great spending some quality time with my mom while showing her what I usually do at blog events.

IFF, also known as International Fragrance and Flavors, is one of the biggest company in the world that produces fragrances and flavors. It is definitely one of the company that I'm eyeing at working in once I graduate in the near future!
I finally got to checked "Step into perfumery heaven" off my bucket list.

Look at all these amazing perfumery materials!!! We had a tour of the perfumery labs and there were three different stations where we stopped at to learn more about what's going on backstage during perfume creation.

One of the stations that we stopped at was the "Hair washing station" where the room had the suitable amenities for that! With the various products containing IFF created fragrances lining up against the wall, it's interesting to see how different countries need to use different fragrances depending on their environment and living conditions! Creating a fragrance for a shampoo isn't as easy as it sounds, a lot of thought process and tests have to be done in order to ensure that they would get the "best" fragrance for that particular shampoo that they will sell to that particular country!

The dried hair samples that they used!

Hair samples being soaked in a beaker smells differently from the dried hair samples.

Afterwards, the IFF team gave us different essential oil to smell for a blind test. Got to smell ginger, jasmine and other interesting essential oil...there's even one that smells like smokey bacon!

IFF Perfumer Kim teaching us on the how a perfume is made! Top, middle and base notes are very important in a perfume formulation

Afterwards it was our turn to create our perfume with the various base provided! Pretty excited with the ingredients available. They even provided us with musk for the extra oomph factor for our perfume formulation!

After the perfume workshop, we were treated to a feast of perfumes by SaSa as they launch their 2014 Fragrance Fair theme "Scent in the City" which showcase 23 participating perfumes! To sweeten the deal, shoppers get to enjoy 20% these 23 participating fragrance brands and 10% off other brands in store from 3rd Oct to 16th Nov 2014.
SASA VIPs or Citibank cardholders can enjoy additional 5% discount on storewide fragrances. Other than the exclusive premiums from the respective participating fragrance brands, shoppers will receive a $10 Voucher* with nett purchase of $100 worth of fragrances.
*Valid for next storewide purchase of $50.
Terms and conditions apply.