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Nivea Extra White &Firm Q10 deodorant review

Last week I attended the Nivea event held in Food for Thought at the National Museum.

Do you talk about your armpits with your friends? Most people don't! I used to discuss skin care products that works for me with my best friend but never deodorant. It is still considered a part of skin care too!

The latest product launch by Nivea was to introduce the new Nivea Extra White and Firm Q10 deodorant!
Apparently Nivea deodorant has been number 1 in Singapore for the past 4 years! I can't believe I've never tried it before as I'm always using another brand's deodorant.
Apart from having antiperspirant properties, Nivea deodorant is also the first to launch their range of products which doesn't stain your clothes at all!

There are various types of deodorants in the market. The most basic categories are roll-ons which are clear, waxes which are white and spray-ons. I've tried spray-ons deodorant from another brand but the lasting power wasn't as effective as I would want my deodorant to be. I've also tried wax deodorant which leaves a thin layer of white film on your skin BUT it always stains black color clothing, especially if I'm hugging my significant other when he's wearing a darker color shirt! Yikes.
I've then moved on to using clear roll-ons which suited me much better but the only gripe that I had was that the roll-ons that I used either left a sticky feeling under my arms when it's drying or stays wet for a long period of time which is hard for me to put on my clothes as I have to wait till it dries.

The Nivea Extra White and Firm Q10 deodorant claims to give you fairer, 5 times smoother and firmer skin! It also has long lasting protection against odour, bacteria, sweat, darkening and sagginess.
Why would a deodorant need to have ingredients to combat darkening and sagginess?! Apparently, from repeating shaving and tweezing of your pits, this causes skin darkening and skin sagging!

If you need any reason or more convincing to use the Nivea Deodorant Extra White and Firm Q10, here are three reasons:
1. You can get up to 5 times firmer and smoother underarms.
The Q10 in the Nivea deodorant name comes from using a top grade ingredient known as the Coenzyme Q10 which helps to energize the skin, boost collagen production and acts as an antioxidant.
2. Get fairer skin with regular use
Licorice extract is present in the formulation to promote healthy and even toned skin. Most whitening products in the market contains licorice extract and it has been showed to lighten skin tone.
3. Gives you 48H anti-perspirant!
Of course, you wouldn't wear your deodorant for more than 24 hours on a regular day since you have to shower but knowing that you'll get 48H of antiperspirant protection makes me feel better.

After testing the product out for a week, I'm very pleased to say that I really love it a lot!
It is definitely way better than the other deodorants that I've used in the past and I don't understand why I've never tried it in the first place!

It has a light scent that is not too overpowering so it never interferes with the perfume that I'm using.
Once it is rolled on, there is no sticky feelings and the product doesn't linger on your skin for long too. The area that the product is applied on feels dry in a couple of seconds and the faint scent could be detected throughout the day.
I do pole once a week so I tested the deodorant out and it stays on throughout my class and the faint scent could still be detected afterwards!

After one week of using it, I noticed visible changes such as my underarm area being lighten slightly.
Now I have the confidence to lift up my arms without having to worry about anything!

The Nivea Extra White & Firm Q10 roll on deodorant (50ml) retails for only $4.90 at Watsons, Guardian, super/hypermarkets and major retail stores. For the price, I think that it's quite a good bargain!

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