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SK-II event + Meeting International Youtubers!

I must say, 2015 has started off pretty well with SK-II giving me the chance to meet international youtubers Nayoung (Oiseau88), Rae (the Raeviewer) and Suzi (Stylesuzi)! They were in Singapore for a workshop organized by SK-II and I was really glad to be invited with four other local bloggers to a cozy interview session to talk about skincare, cosmetics and girl's chatter!

On a side note, I'm a huge fan of Suzi so I was really ecstatic to be able to meet her in person!

Credit: Ashley Mak Photography
During our chit chat session, I've picked up quite a few tips from the Youtubers so I'm going to share it with you!
1. It is important to always remove your makeup when you get home. ALWAYS. Even if you're feeling really lazy to do it, make sure you get makeup remover wipes which are super convenient since you can just lie down while wiping the makeup from your face. It is best to double cleanse your face if you have thick makeup on too.

2. If you have a pimple on your face, it is best not cover it up with tons of makeup as it will clog the pores and make it worse. Avoid using a matte foundation. Use a dewy foundation (or BB cream) instead as it will reflect light away from the pimple. Speaking of foundation, the youtubers were stocking up on the SK-II cream foundation since it was not available in the US/UK.  It is essentially a facial treatment cream foundation that has a cool sensation when applied on the face. The girls love it a lot!

3. Upcoming makeup trend for the year 2015 would be more natural and lesser makeup, matte deep colour lips and contouring powders.

4. SK-II facial treatment essence is a wonderful product to have and it keeps the skin more plump and hydrated. When using it (or any essence), if you need more hydration on your skin, you can soak the essence in cotton pads, stretch the cotton pads out gently and place them on your face to imitate a sheet mask!
Also, if you were wondering what is the difference between a sheet mask and a face mask, a sheet mask is more hydrating while facial mask is mainly used for detoxing purposes. If you want super hydrating skin, use a sheet mask at least twice a week! (I can't afford that luxury unless I go to Korea to stock up on sheet masks haha)

5. If you're going to be in an air-con place the entire day, remember to use a moisturizer so that it will not dry out the skin.

Since SK-II has also given us local bloggers a SK-II Pitera essence set which comprises of a full size Facial Treatment Essence, a small bottle of Facial treatment Clear lotion and a Facial treatment mask.

The Facial treatment essence is well, an essence while the Facial treatment clear lotion is a toner.
What I'll do is that after cleansing my face at night, I'll apply the clear lotion with a cotton pad, wait till it gets absorbed and then generously apply the Facial treatment essence with another cotton pad. In order to not waste the product (since it is quite pricey!), I'll apply the remaining essence onto my neck and the back of my hands too.
There are two ways that you can use to apply the essence. Rae suggested using it by cupping your hand and pouring a small amount onto it. Using your fingers from your other hand and apply the essence onto your face until your face looks "soaked" with the essence for it to work better. It is always better to apply skincare products generously than trying to make the product last longer by applying sparingly.

The Pitera set also comes with a sheet of Facial treatment mask. I've haven't used it yet since I'm keeping it for when I really need a bit more TLC (tender loving care) on my face. The Facial treatment mask will deliver about 10x more nutrients to your skin than it's essence counterpart.

Now onto the main star product, the SK-II Facial Treatment Essence!
What makes this product so special? SK-II Facial treatment essence contains 90% Pitera in the formulation, which is apparently the key to maintain radiance and youth on the skin. Pitera is actually a liquid made during the fermentation of yeast! The discovery of Pitera was when the sake brewers (who were quite old) realized that their hands were smooth after spending much time in the brewery dealing with fermentation of yeast!
There are 7 benefits of Pitera:
1. Helps to replenish and retain moisture for the skin
2. Moderate the skin's natural function thus creating healthy skin renewal
3. Skin balancing by maintaining the skin's healthy pH level
4. Helps to improves the skin texture and makes the skin smoother
5. Balance sebum secretion
6. Provides soothing relief to the skin (if needed)
7. Gives you crystal clear skin after usage!

The Facial treatment essence has a watery texture and a distinct scent to it. Some people would need some time to adjust to the scent if you're particular about the smell of the product that you use on your face. For me, the scent of the product was bearable and it goes off after a while thus it didn't bother me that much. Application was a breeze since it was watery and the product absorbs easily into the skin.
So far I've applied the product onto my face diligently every night for two weeks now and I can see that my T-zone is less oily! That being said, I can feel that my skin is more hydrated and smoother too! Now I know why the SK-II Facial treatment essence is such a cult product.
I'm really looking forward to seeing how my skin looks like after a month of usage since some of my friends reported that they have a more radiant and glowing skin after long term usage.

The only downside? This product is rather expensive and I'm still contemplating about repurchasing it after I've used finish the bottle that I have. Of course, this would have to depend on the result that I see after using the product for some time. Also, people with sensitive skin should note that this product contains parabens in it.

If you want to try the product out but unsure whether to invest in it, you can always go down to the SK-II counters and ask for a sample first. Overall, I really love using the SK-II Facial treatment essence, together with it's clear lotion. It is definitely something worth trying out at least once in your lifetime!

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