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Eagle Beauty 6D Eyebrow Embroidery review

Recently I was invited to try out Eagle Beauty's 6D Eyebrow Embroidery.
It is the world's first 6D eyebrow embroidery!
The difference between their 6D technique and 3D or 4D is that 6D introduces more strokes during the embroidery process so that your brows would look more natural afterwards.

Eyebrow embroidery is unlike eyebrow tattoo. They are semi-permanent, fades off after a few months and pigment is added to fill up the empty spots in your eyebrows so that you will have fuller looking brows.

The super skilled beautician doing my brows at Eagle Beauty!
First she will draw on your eyebrow to the desired shape that you want. I was quite fussy since I didn't want a super arch brow...neither do I want a straight korean brows. I wanted something in the middle and she was really patient in helping me achieve the brow shape that I want.
Afterwards, she applied the numbing cream on my brows and I waited for about 20 mins until she started the embroidery process.

Here's the process in pictures!
First brow photo was my actual brows.
Second photo was taken after she drew on the brow shape that I wanted.
Third was taken right after brow embroidery!
The process itself was painless since numbing cream was applied. The sound of the pen-shaped beauty tool sounded a lot like getting a tattoo done so I kept thinking the pain was going to come....but thanks to the beautician skilled work, it really didn't hurt at all!

With my freshly done brows. They were really dark and sort of felt like they were "burning" after the session. It didn't hurt, just felt uncomfortable so I went home to slept it off.

Two days later! My brows were still really thick and I was under strict instructions to not allow my brows to touch the water so that the ink would stay on for a longer time. So I had to go for Hardwell concert like this haha
Eagle Beauty also gave me a small bottle of gel to apply on my brows when it's dry. I applied it every morning and night religiously for the first few days after the procedure and it helped a lot.

Four days after the procedure. Photo taken with my iphone camera after pole class.
My eyebrows are looking much better now! I've sort of rubbed off the dried up ink on my brows (even though I wasn't suppose to but they were itching. Oops).
I really love the shape of my brows!

A week after the procedure.
Eyebrows on fleek! I love how I'm able to save time when I'm doing my makeup nowadays since I don't have to bother with my brows. It's actually quite a hassle shaping my brows every time since I have to ensure that both sides look similar!
Plus, I can just wake up with awesome brows now which is really good for me since I can also laze in bed longer.

During the first few days after the procedure, I kept asking myself why girls would want to get eyebrow embroidery done since it has a few days of downtime, it's slightly uncomfortable initially and your brows just look really thick and weird! But after I rubbed the dried ink off (you're suppose to wait for them to naturally flake off by itself though), I can now understand why. You get to have nicely shaped brows without having to do it yourself and it lasts for a few months! Now I've gotten my eyelash extensions done as well so I no longer have to use makeup. Talk about saving tons of time!
Thank you Eagle Beauty for the pleasant experience! (:

Eagle Beauty
+65 62727226

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