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Day Trip to Annecy

If you didn't already know, I'm currently in France!
It's been such an interesting experience learning French in France, experiencing the culture here, eating all the baguettes and butter not to mention, ogling at all the super ridiculously hot french guys in school. If only I was a French girl too...

Most of the shops are closed on Sunday so we decided to take a day trip to Annecy!
Takes about two hours via train from Lyon.
Annecy is a pretty small town so you can just walk around it in a couple of hours.
We first went to the food market and then had a little walk along the river before settling down for lunch at an Italian restaurant.

Annecy is by far the best place I've been to for day trips thus far. I'm in love with this little town!
There's Glace shops everywhere and I had about four scoops of ice cream that day!
Vanilla, Caramel, Salted Caramel and Fruits de la Passion (Passionfruit).

Mandatory photo with the Palais de l'Isle which used to be a prison during World War II!
Missed out on visiting inside the prison though...but I'm definitely planning to be back to Annecy again some time in the future.

We decided to take a paddle boat out into Lake Annecy since the water was clear, not to mention most of their rivers or lakes has swans in it!
The French alps in the background is super picturesque. It's hard to believe that everything I see is real and I wish I could have that view every day.

Another shot while trying to balance on the paddle boat.
I could spend the entire day paddling around the lake to be honest.

Anyway I've been updating my Dayre quite regularly on my trip here in France since it's just so convenient to upload the photos straight from my phone.
Looking forward to going to Paris this weekend!

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