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Weekend in Paris

I've finally had the chance to visit Paris and it didn't disappoint me at all.
Stopped in the middle of the Avenue des Champs-Elysees for a photo with the famous Arc de Triomphe. Literally risking my life for this shot since the traffic was still going on both sides.
It was a short trip but interesting nonetheless!

On Saturday, we visited the major shopping areas such as Galleries Lafayette, Printemps, Champs-Elysees and also, the very first Chanel shop! Branded goods are definitely way cheaper in France and Paris has a wider range of brands as compared to Lyon.

Dropped by the Lourve museum for a while afterwards and it's definitely an eye-opener to see it in real life.The area around the Lourve was gorgeous and we walked further up till we saw the lake.

On Sunday, we went to the Palace of Versailles since most of the shops are closed.
It cost about 46 euros including a round trip coach transport from Paris to Versailles which I felt was.... not worth it. The initial price was 36 euros but an additional 10 euros was added because there was the musical water show on the day that we were there. It's actually just them playing classical music in the garden and switching on the water in the fountains lol Felt quite cheated by that.
I do feel that the Palace of Versailles was slightly overrated. The crowd was insane, you don't really get to see anything fully since most people are blocking your view and having to jostle and squeeze through them is definitely not how I imagine to spend the day at the chateau.

The famous Hall of Mirrors filled with tourists.

I mean, just look at all those heads. And imagine the noise.

However, if you're interested in visiting a Chateau/Palace in France, I would highly recommend this hidden gem...the Domaine de Marie Antoniette.
It's further up from the Palace of Versailles. I walked all the way from the Palace of Versailles, to the Jardine de Versailles, then further to this lake which ended with a 20-30 minutes walk to the Grand Trianon. Probably spent about an hour walking but it was well worth my time.
The entrance fee was just 10 euros, way cheaper than the Palace of Versailles and with minimal crowd. You can practically count the number of people with your fingers and toes.

Domaine de Marie Antoniette consists of the Grand Trianon, Petit Trianon and the Queen's Hamlet which I was most interested to visit.
It's essentially the same stuff as what you'll find in the Palace of Versailles, just with more pinks and florals since it belongs to Marie Antoniette.

The Queen's Hamlet. A place where she hides and pretends to be a peasants with her chambermaids.
It's like a small village in the middle of nowhere and there's animals, plants, small streams etc!

On Monday, the day that we're heading back to Lyon, we had a bit of time before the train ride thus we popped by the Eiffel Tower.

Food wise, a meal cost about 10-15 euros on average which is really quite expensive!
Getting a sandwich from the boulangerie cost around 4-5 euros.
On Saturday we went to a random French restaurant and tried the Duck Confit.
Definitely a must have when you are in Paris!

My french friend recommended this famous Fallafel shop so I had it for dinner on Sunday.

The portion was really huge! I got the Special which was vegetarian. I love Mediterranean food and pita bread!
Just a few streets away was another famous shop selling ice cream called Pozzetto.
I got their Hazelnut and Milk flavor which was really good!

Since I was having an insane craving for my Beef Pho/ Thai iced milk tea, I was really glad I manage to stumble across this shop a little out of Chinatown which has really legit tom yum soup, very decent beef pho and iced milk tea that managed to satisfy my cravings! I forgot the shop name but it's located at Maison Blanche metro station and you got to walk through Rue Caillaux to Avenue de Choisy and it's the first red shop you'll see with Thai Viet written on the sign.

Looking forward to be back to Paris again in a couple of weeks!
There's much more places that I've yet to see.

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