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Neutrogena Deep Clean Cleansing Oil review

Usually when I look at makeup removers, I tend to avoid products with the word "oil" in it because it just makes me think that the particular makeup remover would probably leave my face super oily, not to mention cloud my eye sight etc.. Oh, the horrors of cleansing oil is well known indeed.

Recently I was given two new Neutrogena Deep Clean Cleaning Oils to try and I must say, it surprised me!
Two products was given to me. One was the Hydrating Cleansing Oil, while the other was the Brightening Cleansing Oil. I immediately tore open the packaging for the Brightening Cleansing Oil since I came back from my Europe trip with a tan and I would really appreciate any brightening products.

The Neutrogena Brightening Deep Clean Cleansing Oil contains mulberry extracts for brightening properties and claims to remove 100% of waterproof makeup. Mulberry extracts contains ascorbic acid which helps to inhibit the production of pigment in our skin and niacin which inhibits melanin transfer. The Hydrating Cleansing Oil contains cucumber extracts that helps with skin hydration. Cucumis sativus (cucumber juice) has a high water content and natural sugars which are humectants that are able to prevent the loss of moisture.

I pour some of the oil onto my palm and rub it onto my face to remove my makeup. When the product comes into contact with water, it turns into a cleansing milk! This allows the oil to be removed easier from your face without leaving any oily residue. This is because the cleansing oil is formulated with a non-comedogenic micro-emulsion that consists of water, oil and surfactants.

This also means that your skin will be left soft and supple after rinsing it off! Since both Neutrogena Cleansing Oils are formulated to keep pores impurity free with their mineral oil free formulation, they do not strip your skin of its natural oil.

From left to right, I tested the product with my waterproof eyeliner and mascara. It’s pretty amazing how majority of the makeup is removed straightaway once I use a cotton pad to wipe it off!
While using the product I noticed a strong apple scent which was quite pleasant and it sort of fades off after a while.
The texture is slightly viscous so it's not really an oil, more of a thicker consistency so it's easy to spread the product on your face. One thing I love about this product is that it doesn't clog up my vision when I'm using it to remove my eyeliners. It also doesn't leave any "panda eye" streaks when I'm trying to rub my eyeliner off!

Overall I would really recommend the two Neutrogena Brightening and Hydrating Cleansing Oils if you're in the market for an affordable makeup remover or if you use waterproof mascara or eyeliners often. It retails for $29.90 at Guardian and Watsons.

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