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New Moon Inner Radiance Collagen Powder R&D and review

Sometime last year I participated in a R&D for a collagen powder product. The brand was not disclosed to me and my skin's before and after results were taken for analysis.
During the skin analysis, they had a machine to measure our skin's moisture level, collagen level and elasticity to determine our skin's age.
Turns out, my skin age was 26! Yikes, it's a few years older than my actual age but the R&D people said it was normal to have such results.

Afterwards, we were given a month supply of collagen powder to take religiously and then they would analyse our skin again afterwards. The collagen powder given to us contains 5460mg of collagen, together with Glutathione which helps to promote whitening and hyaluronic acid for moisturizing and anti-aging effect.
By taking one sachet of collagen powder per day, our collage supply from the collagen peptide in our skin would increase. Not to mention, it helps to improves our skin condition from within, brightens skin tone for a radiant complexion and also, helps to hydrates the skin by locking in the moisture.

The results from the skin analysis (after) showed that my skin age is 21 (hooray for having young skin again!), there was no % increase in collagen fiber for me though but a 7% increase in skin elasticity and 11% increase in my skin's moisture level.

Afterwards, they finally revealed the brand to us. Turns out it's New Moon's Inner Radiance Collagen Powder that we have been drinking all these while!

They also have the bottle drink version apart from the powder sachets. Personally I prefer drinking those small bottle of collagen drink since they will be flavored which taste yummier but powder sachet are so convenient to carry around!
I'm currently in Florence at the moment and I'm still able to enjoy my New Moon's Inner Radiance Collagen Powder drink since it's easy to slot it into my very packed luggage. It's pure collagen powder only so you can mix it into your daily juices or convenient!

I mix mine with water since it's the only thing I drink over here. Of course the taste would be bland since it's essentially quite tasteless but I do recommend mixing with fruit juices! I can't wait to get back to Singapore and make my own collagen juice blend.
These are retailing for $49.90.

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