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Battle of the KFC Wings!

Last week I was invited to a tasting event for KFC new fried chicken flavors at their newly renovated KFC at Kallang Stadium outlet.
It's my first time there after the renovation and I love how spacious it looked! Not to mention, it has a sporty theme which suited it's location really well.

The main highlight of the event was the two new KFC Wings that they came up with. It's cooked with a special batter that is different from the normal KFC fried chicken and coated with the two new flavours- Umadare and Yang Yeum.

Top: Yang Yeum
Bottom: Umadare

Yang Yeum has a sweet and spicy taste to it. More on the spicier side though so if you prefer something with a bit more kick for your tastebuds, you'll definitely love the Korean-inspired Yang Yeum wings!

Umadare wings are tangy yet savoury at the same time. It's non spicy and definitely sweeter than Yang Yeum. It is Japanese inspired so it's definitely a battle between the KFC wings to see which you would prefer!
Yang Yeum (Korea) VS Umadare (Japan)!

For me personally I'm on team Umadare! I'm not a fan of really spicy things so the milder, sweeter Japanese inspired wings are right up my alley. Furthermore, I also think that these wings are a real value for money since they are only $4.90 for 4 pieces! They stay really crispy despite being drenched in their respective sauces too. I really hope they'll keep this in the menu permanently though because I really prefer this to the standard fried chicken now!
You definitely have to try these new KFC wings flavours! In my opinion they are the best so far!

You can post a picture or video of yourself after trying out the KFC Wings on instagram and #kfcoishii if you prefer Umadare or #kfcmashisoyo if you prefer Yang Yeum! One lucky winner will be chosen from the "winning flavour" to win a prize.

Ending this post off with a photo with Yutaki!

The two new Wing flavours are available at all KFC outlets except for KFC Sentosa and Singapore Zoo.

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