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b.liv Off With Those Heads review

A common question that I get asked by my friends is, “How do I remove my blackheads?!” Blackheads are formed when there is excess oil secretion and accumulation of dirt in open pores.
Some of my friends go for facials to get that done but frankly, I have never ever got a facial done. I do have blackheads just that I tend to ignore them or if they are too much for me to handle, I’ll use those blackhead removal strip to get some off. However, I think that the blackhead removal strips are quite painful to remove and I dread using it.


Recently I was given b.liv Off With Those Heads serum to try. It is a powerful solution that is able to soften the clog in open pores thus clearing blackheads and whiteheads in just 14 days of application.

b.liv Off With Those Heads is formulated with witch hazel extract, tea tree oil and aloe vera extract. Tea tree oil is well known for its acne control, soothing effect and comedone control properties while witch hazel helps to reduce excess oil from our skin and minimize open pores. Oil secretion is kept under control from within and with its powerful antiseptic, anti-bacterial properties acne formation could be prevented.   IMG_8340,

Texture wise it has a gel consistency with a medicinal scent to it. It is cold upon application too! It’s only been a few days since I’ve started using this product, I do notice that my blackheads are starting to clear up slightly so I’m looking forward to the two weeks mark where most of it would be gone. All you have to do is apply the product onto areas with black and whiteheads and that’s it! No waiting time whatsoever, definitely a convenient product to use.

b.liv Off With Those Heads retails for $69.95 for a 30ml bottle and $94.95 for the 45ml bottle. They are available at all Sa Sa outlets and online at

If you’re interested to know more about b.liv products, you can check out their website ( and facebook page ( or Instagram ( Alternatively, if you wish to try out their products you can check them out under Sample Store (

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