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Day trip to Brighton!

I was only in London for 4 days and since this was my second trip, I didn't want to spend all 4 days touring the city. Made an impromptu decision the night before to head to either Oxford or Brighton.
Ended up deciding on Brighton since I've never been there and I would really like to spend some time at the beach after facing city life for so long.
The confusing thing about London metro is that there are a few stations with lines that goes out of London so it sort of depends on where you're going. Previously I alighted at Paddington station because I remember the train from Oxford stops there but turns out, to get to Brighton, I have to take the train from St Pancras instead.

Manage to get to Brighton in about two hours by train and I headed straight to the beach! Brighton is a small town so you just have to walk all the way straight and you'll see the beach. Got myself a Mr Whippy too! I love the chocolate bar in it.

The weather was still freezing though, even colder than London.
The beach was really beautiful, it was a pebble beach instead of sand and they had a carousel on it. On the left was the Brighton Pier where they had a mini carnival there. There was a huge arcarde and everything looked really old school yet fancy at the same time.




Spent the second half of the day exploring other parts of Brighton. I've read that there were two famous lanes in Brighton. One was called the North lane which I manage to find! I wasn't using GPS or anything so I was just aimlessly walking around until I found it.



The fudges were pretty good! Would love to bring some back home but since I was still going to Italy afterwards, I doubt they would last in the luggage.

Got another ice cream from Gelato Gusto which was really good too! It's one of the best ice cream spots in Brighton and there was a long queue for it.


Went to a random vietnamese restaurant for dinner since I was craving for Pho. It wasn't as good as Nam Nam though...should have went to Jamie's Italian next door instead. Since most of the shops closed early around 5-6pm, there was nothing much I could do except to go back to my apartment in London afterwards. I wish I had more time in Brighton though...I really need to go back there again in the future! I think I'll just skip London completely next time. Brighton has a slower pace of  life as compared to London and I really like how relax everyone is.
Retiring in Brighton sounds like a good idea now...

A couple of stuff I picked up from Brighton! The shopping there is much less crowded than Oxford street that's for sure. Manage to get the Topshop Joni's in my size so I was pretty happy about that! Also got the BarryM Contour kit which is said to be a drugstore dupe for the Anatasia one, and also the Little Mix eyeshadow palette from Collection for myself and my good friend cause she loves them! Soap and Glory Hand Maid hand sanitizer is seriously the best I've ever used so I got two bottles of it together with a small tube of their Righteous butter which is the best moisturizer I've used so far. I also got the Liz Earle cleansing kit since I've heard so much good reviews about it....not to mention Say Yes to Blueberry facial wipes which are hard to get! Manage to get Zoella's Beauty line moisturizer and also a blue shampoo since my hair always gets brassy even after I got it coloured a darker colour.

Did I mention that there was also Boost in Brighton?!? I was so excited when I saw it!
Will write about my 4th and last day in London soon. I visited the Harry Potter studio and there's tons of photos from there!

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