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London Day 1-2

It's August now so I might as well get started on my Summer holiday trip before winter comes along. Was in Lyon, France for a month before flying to London for 4 days at the end of June. I included London into my Europe trip plan because I've always wanted to be back again since there's so much more places that I've yet to explore and honestly, London is my favorite city.
The last time I was in London for day trips since I used to study in Oxford.
This time round, my cousin was already staying in London so at least I could meet someone familiar.

Took British Air from Lyon to Heathrow then got a private driver to get me to my apartment. It's pretty convenient and the journey was about 50 pounds I think?
Stayed in an apartment that I found off AirBnB which was really cosy and quite well located...about 10 minutes walk to the metro.
Day 1 was pretty chill. Decided to just explore Oxford street so I basically walked the entire stretch and bought quite a lot of stuff. They have the flagship Topshop, two levels of Lush cosmetics, flagship Victoria's Secret with 4 stories of lingerie and also, Abercrombie & Fitch further down.

Settled for dinner at Burger & Lobster. Been wanting to try this for a really long time!
Got their grilled lobster which was AMAZING! Love the butter garlic sauce that they have for the lobster meat.
I go to Pince & Pints in Singapore to get my Lobster cravings fix but to finally try the legit first Burger and Lobster store in London was just surreal. Waiting time was approximately half an hour and I love the ambiance and concept of the shop.
However, I do prefer the Chilli lobster that Pince & Pints has in Singapore, together with the fried man tou! Guess I'm still a Singaporean girl at heart hahaha

Headed back to the apartment for an early rest after dinner since I was trying to adjust to UK timing.

Day 2-
Woke up pretty early and went to Piccadilly circus for a stroll.
Got some cupcakes from Hummingbird bakery for breakfast. They are the best cupcakes that I've had so far in my life and definitely better than any that I've tried here in SG.

Lunch was at Duck & Waffles where I and waffle. No surprise there lol
Made my lunch reservation about two months prior to my trip since it is very hard to get a seat and they only accept reservations, no walk ins.


We also got a serving of fried pig's ears which wasn't really my liking. The cartilage was too weird for me to chew on.

Duck and Waffle was located at the 40th floor so check out the view!
On a side note, there was a sushi restaurant located right below so I'm looking forward to trying it out the next time I'm back in London!

Went sightseeing again afterwards. The London Eye! Didn't go up this time since I already went up before and also, the queue was really long.


Trafalgar square!



Found the Kingsmen shop! Was watching Kingmen on the plane to Lyon so I was pretty excited when I saw it.

Ended off with dinner at Poppy's fish and chips at Camden which so happened to be such a cool hipster place! Strolling down the street was an eye opener and the people there sort of had their own distinct style.

Will blog about Day 3 in London in a few days time.

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