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Harry Potter Studio Tour visit

Finally covering the fourth day of my London trip! Book my Harry Potter studio tour a few months ahead because slot was running out really quickly. Since the Harry Potter studio tour was at Leavesden studio which was slightly out of central London, I booked my tour with Golden Tours agency which provided transportation to and fro, entrance ticket and also, advance purchase ticket for Butterbeer!
I chose the 10.30am slot and they gave us two-three hours to explore the place but I think you can also get on a later bus if you miss your ride back...however I think that two-three hours is more than enough for me!

One thing to note is that you have to purchase your entrance tickets beforehand, either from a tour agency or from their official website (if you're able to get to Leavesden by yourself), there is no ticket sales at the site and each ticket will have a specific entrance timing to ensure no over-crowding!

Got super excited once we arrived! I'm such a huge fan of Harry Potter. On a side note, the Harry Potter theme park is already opened in Universal Studios Japan & I can't wait to visit it in the near future!!!

The official entrance to the start of the studio tour was the doors to the Great Hall!
We were given allocated timing for each section of the studio to ensure that the next group would be able to start their tour on time. The first part of the tour was guided by a lady who told us about the background and stuff, afterward it's free and easy where you can just roam about by yourself.

Another selfie with the Great Hall! Would love to be sorted by the sorting hat though.. I think I'm more suited for Gryffindor? Hahaha
There was a lot more to see and I didn't take photo of everything since pictures won't really do them justice. It was definitely really cool and interesting for a Harry Potter fan! Mostly behind the screen works, set-up of the props they used in the movies and tons of photo-taking opportunities!!

Mandatory shot of going to Hogwarts at Platform 9 3/4.

With the Hogwarts Express! The train was stationary but we could walk through it to see how it feels like to be on the train. Wearing my Zara crop top & leather jacket and Topshop's Joni in Black that I bought while oversea. I love my Joni! It's super comfortable for a pair of high waist skinny jeans.

There was an outdoor area with the Wesley's car, Hagrid flying bike....

At Privet Drive where Harry Potter lives in when he was younger! We couldn't go in though.
There was also the Knight bus and those larger than life size Chess pieces from the first movie.

Finally, got to try the famous Butterbeer! It's really pretty yummy. There was a cold version and an iced version. I tried the cold one. It's like drinking semi-melted vanilla ice cream & whipped cream combo with a slightly fizzy caramel base. Super addictive!

Afterwards it was back to the second area for the studio tour where they had all of their Monster heads, body, more behind the scenes secrets and lastly....a huge full view of Hogwarts. The lights kept changing gradually from light to dark to show how Hogwarts would look like in the day and night.

You can literally walk around the entire thing to see each tiny detail of the castle!
Afterwards you exit via their souvenir shop. I didn't buy anything since I already got my Harry Potter stuff when they had a mini exhibition in MBS Artscience museum in Singapore a while back.

I left Leavesden studio around 1230-1pm. It was London Pride day so traffic was really bad plus everywhere was really crowded! However the atmosphere was so lively! Went to Chinatown for lunch afterwards and got bubble tea too! Been missing it a lot ever since I went to France. Did some last minute shopping to get everything else that I needed to get from the UK after, had some Hummingbird cupcakes again and had dinner before going back to my apartment for an early night so that I can catch my early flight to the airport to Rome the next day.

I made a reservation for airport transfer from the airport to my apartment and then, from my apartment to the airport from Blackberry cars which made travelling really convenient since I didn't have to worry about dragging my luggage onto the metro.

So that concludes my short UK trip for 2015. I'm definitely going to be back again after graduation!

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