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Roman Holiday Day 1

Right after spending 4 days in London, I took a morning flight to Rome, Italy!
It only took about 3 hours I think so I managed to reach Rome around lunch time.
I was really excited about visiting Italy since it had been on my bucket list.

On a side note, I have data on my phone since I bought the Europe travel sim card from Orange teleco in Lyon. It costs approximately 30 or 40 euros for 30 days with 2GB data I think? I can't remember but it was really worth it because I needed data to google map my location so that I wouldn't get lost! The Europe travel sim covers France and Italy for my trip this time round, it doesn't cover London though so I had to buy a separate sim while I was there.

Checked into my airbnb apartment which was really comfortable since I had the entire house to myself, not to mention it was in a condominium which needed a key to enter so I felt really safe.

Here's the view of the living room when I opened the door. The toilet was on the left, it was really big with a bathtub too! There were tons of DVDs that I could watch if I wanted to.

Here's the bedroom. Towels were provided!There were also guidebooks and maps on navigating Rome which I used and it helped me tremendously.

Made full use of my day by exploring Rome on foot with my map in my hand! I didn't take the metro because I've heard how scary it can be. Overall on day 1 in Rome, I can safely say that I walked for 6 hours straight under the blazing sun when the temperature was 39 degree Celsius.

Since my apartment was located near the Colosseum, I started exploring Rome from the Colosseum > Roman Forum > Trevi Fountain > Spanish Steps > Pantheon. There were TONS of branded shops like Prada, Longchamp, LV, Chanel etc





The Trevi fountain was still under renovation! Such a bummer. I really wanted to toss my coin into it!

If you're ever in Rome, please remember to drop by POMPI for the BEST granita ever. I stumbled across this gem by accident and I couldn't get enough of their Strawberry Granita! It beats all the other granitas sold in the other shops so I won't bother trying out the other stores if I were you.

Here's how the strawberry granita looks like. It's basically strawberry flavored ice with fresh strawberries on top. You pay at the side counter and get a receipt before passing it to the people serving up the ice creams and granita at the main counter. I only had two days in Rome and I even went back here on the second day! Just google map Pompi and you'll find it on the map!

Happen to walk pass some Coca Cola concert..


What I love about Rome is that you can get drinking water from most of the tourist attractions! So I could fill my water bottle up with water after walking for a couple of hours.


After being in Italy, I have come to love Stracciatella flavored gelato which is milk-based ice cream with chcolate chips! I had to eat this every day! I wish Singapore would have this flavor though...

It was really crowded on the streets so it's wise to take extra care of your belongings!
Also, I made the mistake of thinking that every restaurant in Italy would serve good pasta/pizza. I was so wrong! Went to a random restaurant near the Colosseum for lunch and I had the most HORRIBLE carbonara in my entire life! There were tons of tourist dining at the cafe and I wonder how they could finish their food. I would suggest that you do some research for the food places first. Rome is well known for having tons of scammers too so you got to be careful whenever someone approaches you on the street!

For Day 1 in Rome, I mainly just walk around to soak in the sight of the eternal city before ending my day by watching Roman Holiday staring Audrey Hepburn (since I was in Rome!) before bed time.
Will blog about Day 2 next!
Till then.

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