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Scholl Velvet Smooth Express Pedi Electronic Foot File review

I wash my face everyday, plan my waxing appointment every month and use a body lotion once a week to ensure that my arms and legs are supple and moisturized. However, how many of us have taken time to look after our feet?!
I'm definitely guilty of neglecting my feet even though they are the surface area on my skin that I use the most.
Our feet would get rough and dry from pressure, intensive burden or from wearing too tight shoes since an excess of new cells would develop to combat the pressure being applied to your feet.

Recently I was introduced to Scholl's Velvet Express Pedi Electronic Foot file to give my feet a little tender loving care by getting rid of those dry patches.
The brand Scholl is well known as the leading foot care expert! Their latest product, which is this electronic foot file, is designed to keep hard skin at bay. It is a nifty product to use if you want to achieve soft and smooth feet effortlessly.

It is really easy to operate as well. You just twist the metal band from "O" to "I" to switch it on.

The roller head contains grain sized particles that is efficient in removing your dead skin cells. It goes on gentle on your skin so you don't have to worry about having any redness whatsoever after using the product.
The best thing about Scholl's electronic foot file is that it is battery operated (comes with 4 AA batteries) and its roller head is washable and replaceable too!
You're able to use it as much as you like (of course, you got to take note of your own skin's condition).

One point to note is that your feet should be dry before using this product. You should not soak your feet into a foot bath before using the electronic foot file!

Here's how half of my foot looks like after using the foot file on half of my sole!
You can obviously tell the difference since one half looks smoother than the other half.
After using this product, my foot definitely felt smoother with my dead skin cells removed and I was super amazed by this product!
I have also been using it on my parent’s foot too since the product is really fun to use!
My mum loves it a lot since it helps her to get smoother feet while my dad loves how it manages to get rid of this lump of dead skin that accumulated at the side of his smallest toe. You don’t just have to use it on your heel area, you can use it anywhere on your feet to get rid of dead skin!

To find out more information about this product, you can check out Scholl's website here
The Scholl Velvet Smooth Express Pedi Electronic Foot file retails at $49.90 at all leading pharmacies.

Good news for those interested in purchasing this product!
If you purchase the Scholl electronic foot file before 31st October 2015, you get to enjoy a 10% discount from Redmart website (click here).
PLUS You can also use the code "rmeileen” to get another 10% discount for this product too! (code valid until 31st December 2015).
That means if you purchase this product before 31st October, you’ll get to enjoy an addition 10% discount on top of the current 10% Redmart promo! Pretty good deal, right?

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