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Korea Day 1 (Winter 2015)
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Korea Winter 2015-Day 1

Been looking forward to my trip to Korea ever since I booked the tickets! This is my second time flying to Korea and I was really super excited about it. All I did in Korea was to eat, eat and eat some more! The price of the food there was really affordable most of the time plus, it was all so yummy!

The first place we went to after settling in the apartment was to Butterfingers for brunch.

If you're a pancake lover like me, you'll definitely love it here because they sell the best pancakes I've ever had in my entire life?!? Pancakes in Singapore can't be compared to it seriously.

I got the Split Decision set which came with everything- pancakes, french toast, scrambled eggs, potatoes, bacon, sausages, spam etc. You get to choose what type of butter (salted, unsalted...) and drizzle (honey, maple syrup) you want. Personally I prefer having the good ol' unsalted butter and maple syrup on my pancakes!

Got another serving of just the Buttermilk pancakes (comes with strawberry compote) since it was really yummy. I think the next time I'm here I'll just get this instead of the set!

Butterfinger Pancakes (Gangnam branch)
Directions: Take Exit 10 out of Gangnam station (Line 2) and walk straight until you reach the corner of the road. (Do not cross the road! Espoir would be opposite) Turn left into the lane and keep going straight until you see Burger King on your left. Butterfingers is right beside it!

After a hearty brunch, we headed over to Garosu-gil which is my favorite street in the whole of Seoul.

Line cafe and store was located on the left side of the street! There's other Line stores around Seoul too, just as one in Myeong Dong but it doesn't have a cafe....there's a stall selling Brown hotcakes there though and that was really worth the money spent on it!

The food at the Line cafe was super cute yet mediocre.

Got to take a photo with Brown! I would say it's worth a visit if you're a Line fan. Didn't get anything from the store though because the Cony and Brown couple set I wanted was out of stock!

Line Friends Store & Cafe
Direction: Sinsa Station Exit 8. Turn left at It’s Skin to get to Garosu-gil Street.

Made our way to Noryangjin Fish Market for dinner afterwards.
I was a little overwhelmed by all the stalls selling fresh seafood.

The toughest choice you have to make was to decide which store to order from. We manage to find one with a chinese speaking ahjumma so we bought our seafood from her. Got a King crab, abalones, some clams and a mini octopus!

This was our mini octopus! Always wanted to try live octopus (octopus sashimi). The tentacles would still keep moving even after it got chopped into pieces and you have to chew really carefully so that the suckers on the tentacles doesn't get stuck on your throat to choke you. They will provide sesame oil for you to dip the octopus in.
Personally I really like it a lot! I like how chewy it was and the sesame oil make it really delicious too.

After you select what you want to buy, you pay the ahjumma for the seafood and there would be a young man (also known as the runner) who would help you carry your seafood and bring you to a restaurant nearby where they would cook your purchases for you.

Steamed clams!

Abalone porridge!

Steamed king crab!

After we ate all the meat, the chef in the restaurant used the remaining crab's eggs to fried a plate of rice for us.

We have to pay the restaurant afterwards too, there are different pricing for the different ways of cooking (Eg, bbq, steamed...), if you're having your purchases raw then it's free.

So that sums up day 1 of being in Korea!