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Alive Museum Visit

It's a common knowledge that there isn't really a lot of things we can do in Singapore for date nights, however there are some really interesting activities around!
One of them is visiting Trick eye museums, there are two in Singapore. The first one is called the Trick eye museum located in Sentosa and the second one is the Alive museum, located in Suntec.
The Alive museum is more conveniently located since it's at a central area so we decided to head there after dinner!

Alive museum is located between Tower 3 and 4, level 3.They are open from 10am-10pm daily, with last admission at 9pm since you do need some time to take the photos and explore the area.
(Tickets are priced $25 per adult and $20 per children).

I've previously been to the Alive museum about a year back when it first opened so I was interested to check out the new artworks installation this year! They changed some of the artworks once in a while to keep things interesting and fresh so it will not be a one off visit for you.

It's the first time for Bae to visit the Alive museum and I'm honestly really glad he was game to pose for all the photos! A little tip to make your trip more enjoyable is to go with people that wouldn't mind looking silly or posing for the photos since you'll definitely have loads of laughter there.
We headed in at 9pm where the crowd was lesser so we basically had the entire place to ourselves!

Aww look at my baby....being a baby haha!











The new installations for the Alive museum is the Young@Heart zone and Live.Laugh.Love zone. The couple shots taken below were from the Live.Laugh.Love zone and I think it's really ideal since Valentine's day is coming up!
Since there wasn't a crowd, it meant we didn't have to wait to get our pictures taken but that also means nobody was around to take the photos for us. Luckily, all the artworks are located around each other so we could place the camera on other artworks for self-timer to take the shot.
It still turned out pretty nice, I'd say!


I definitely think that visiting the Alive museum after a nice dinner in the central area made our date night more interesting! I laughed so much while trying to snap some funny poses of Bae.
Thank you Alive Museum for the tickets!