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-- - - - - Getting cheap contact lens online!

There's no denying that cosmetic lens are a huge part of my life now.
It has been such a huge confidence booster to my physical appearance after wearing them!
However, despite the many optical shops around Singapore, I still find it hard to go to an actual store to purchase my lens. It's either I'll forget that I need new lens, I didn't walk past any optical shop selling the lens I wanted or I simply forgot to bring my wallet out.
With all these excuses, it's so much easier for me to shop online! is a local website that allows you to purchase your contact lens instantly with a click of your mouse, in the comfort of your home (or office). They carry common brands like Freshkon, Acuvue, Ciba vision, Colourvue etc. The contact lens arrived at doorstep promptly after a few days which was so convenient for me! I used to purchase my lens oversea which took about 3 weeks to arrive and that was such a long wait.
There's also a $15 coupon code if it's your first time purchasing from them too!

I tried out the Freshkon One day Alluring Eyes in Mystical Black. What I like about the website is that I get to select the degree of my left and right eye instead of having to get two sets of contact lens due to having different degree! I hate how some optical shops make you purchase two boxes of contact lens instead of one when you have different degree for your eyes.

I have previously tried the Freshkon One day Alluring Eyes in Magnetic Grey (review here)
The design of the Freshkon Alluring eyes series is really simple. Nothing fancy yet there's a slight enlarging effect at the outer rim. The diameter of the lens is 14.2mm.

Left: With lens
Right: Without lens

Both side with the contact lens on! As you can tell there's a slight enlarging doe-eye effect after wearing the lens. It gives off a more natural look as compared to Magnetic Grey and it's definitely suitable to wear to more formal events where you need to look as natural as possible.

I have always been a fan of Freshkon lens since they're relatively comfortable to wear. They do start to get dry after about 5 hours of wear for me and it feels slightly uncomfortable, but a little eye drop does the trick in helping the problem.
If you're thinking of trying out a slightly enlarging cosmetic lens, I would highly suggest the Freshkon Alluring eyes series! Remember to use the $15 off coupon code when purchasing from to get the best deal.
Thank you for letting me review the Freshkon One day Alluring eyes contact lens in Mystical Black!

Product was sponsored to me, all opinions are my own.