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DIY Rainbow Highlighter

Decided to make a rainbow highlighter cause I've been seeing them all around recently! It's not something I would normally wear out though but it just looks so pretty! 😍😍😍

It's pretty simple once you think about it. All you need is a highlighter that you are not using anymore (or used up halfway as long as there's enough product to fill the pan) and some eyeshadow for the colors. Eyeshadows contains colour pigments which are safe for use around the eye area so that means we can use it on the face too since the eyes are the most delicate/sensitive part of the face!
I also got my isopropyl alcohol and some wooden spoons to mix the pigments with 😊

Just scrap out the highlighter onto a plate and separate it into 4 or 5 portions, depending on how many colors you wanna make. I did 5 cause I wanted to do Red, Yellow, Green, Blue and Purple. Then scrap some eyeshadow out and mix it together!

I'm using my Catrice highlighter since I have two of it and it only cost like $9.90 so I won't feel that heart pain if I messed this up. The other older highlighters that I own are pretty lousy with no sheen/glitter in a swipe so this was the best!

This is the resulting mess after I was done putting them all back into the pan. I find that it's easier to mix the highlighter + colour pigments together with a few drops of isopropyl alcohol so the powders won't fly about.

After I mix the highlighter and pigments, I put it into the highlighter pan one by one! 💪🏻

End product! Packed everything in place and press it down firmly with a piece of tissue over it to try and absorb all the excess isopropyl alcohol. I used my Laneige sleeping mask tub to press it down thus it left a mark 😂 But the colors turn out so gorgeous and I'm really happy with it!

Testing the individual colors on my arm! 😍 Not sure if you can see the shades but it turn out rather sheer and still passable as a highlighter.

Trying it out on my face with the Real Technique flat contour brush from their rose gold metal collection! The yellow and green was picked up easier than the blue though.

After a few generous swipes on my cheekbone in order for the colors to be seen on camera! I love how the end product turn out to be like... Makes me want to make a rainbow lip balm next but I'm still trying to figure out where I place my spare lip balms. For some weird reason I feel so happy looking at rainbow colored stuff? 🌈

Closer view of my rainbow highlighter! I guess I can wear it out occasionally since one or two swipes isn't that obvious.

Anyway, here's a quick video on the entire process!